Sustainable Tourism

O'D's Restaurant October 4, 2017 11:45 am - 12:35 pm

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Cillian Murphy
Bret Love


We have long heard that tourism brings benefit to the host communities. Its not always the case, indeed, its almost always not the case! Host communities tend to end up dealing with the negative social and environmental consequences while external operators benefit economically.
Bloggers are becoming an increasingly more important method for tourism destinations to get their message out to exactly those they wish to see visiting. Consequently they also bear a considerable responsibility in educating those visitors as to what is appropriate, to ensure the host communities benefit positively. Too many times social influencers tend to focus on the same old attractions, perpetuating those negative impacts. Loop Head Tourism are a host community who have taken on this responsibility and are acknowledged leaders in this regard. We would relish the opportunity to present to travel bloggers the information we as a host community feel is most important to pass on to their readers and explain why.


– What host communities want
– The impacts of tourism on small destinations
– The ways tourism can benefit host communities positively
– The messages travel bloggers can pass on that will influence their readers, ensuring tourism does actually benefit the host community”