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How to Shoot a Hyper-Lapse using your Smartphone

INEC October 5, 2017 10:35 am - 11:25 am

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Scott Herder


This session will cover best tips and tricks on shooting a hyperlapse video using your smartphone. Covering what are the best apps, how to craft and tell a story, and give actionable advice that you can start using today to create your very own hyperlapses.


1. Fundamentals of shooting a hyperlapse
2. Techniques for holding
3. Techniques for moving
4. Best apps to use
5. iPhone
6. android
7. What makes a good Hyperlapse
8. Movement
9. Clear Subject
10. A good story
11. Three different types of shots
12. Dolly
13. Panning
14. Tracking
15. Doing a hyperlapse of a moving person (LIVE DEMONSTRATION)
16. Transitions
17. Q+A”