Scaling your Travel Blog Into a Multimedia Platform

Mangerton Suite October 5, 2017 2:00 pm - 2:50 pm

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Ernest White II


Bloggers often focus on monetizing their websites with ads or through sponsored trips and content without realizing that a blog can serve as the foundation for a full-time career in travel media. But what if you upped your editorial game and turned your blog into a digital magazine? What if you added a podcast and a video channel? What about selling your photos and even branded merchandise? With the right combination of free and low-cost apps, professional development, geographic arbitrage, and strong branding, you can grow your travel blog from a simple hobby into a multimedia business in half a year. This hour-long general overview is designed for beginning- and intermediate-level bloggers.


The audience will understand…
– How to turn a blog into a digital magazine
– How to create an engaging podcast and video channel
– How to monetize photographs
– How to create and sell branded merchandise
– How to overcome challenges such as poor engagement and other limitations


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