Next Level Blogging: Professionalism and Personal Responsibility

Flesk Restaurant October 4, 2017 2:00 pm - 2:50 pm

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Michael Huxley


The world of blogging is changing fast. It is no longer a world of hobby bloggers just out for a few freebies and individual blogs are becoming mainstream marketing and PR powerhouses. The bloggers who are thriving and succeeding in this new world are those who are treating it as a business and engaging with brands on a professional level.

This discussion will hopefully kickstart your mindset into thinking and acting professionally, get you treating your blog as your own personal brand and business, and show you exactly how and why professionalism is so important.


– Professionalism in travel blogging.
– Blogging as a personal brand and business.
– Presenting yourself as a professional to brands.
– Behaving as a professional.
– Delivering on promises and giving ROI.
– Having the confidence and professionalism to expect full remuneration for that ROI.


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