Pre-BEX Tours March 20

Tour 20-01:  Old City tour


Number of participants: 90 per round (3 tour guides in each round)
Date & Time:  March 20, 2017  9 am – 11:30 am, 10:30 am – 1 pm, 12 pm – 2:30 pm, 1:30 pm – 4 pm (2.5 hrs)
Meeting Location: Old City Jaffa Gate
Attire: Casual clothes with comfortable shoes for walking
Details: Light walking required. Children under 18 years of age are permitted on this tour.

Description: The Holy City of Jerusalem. The Eternal City. Such a unique place that means so much to so many people. You now have the opportunity to walk through 4000 years of history in the footsteps of kings, emperors and prophets. Join our expert guides and see stunning rooftop views, walk through narrow twisted streets, experience the special smells and sounds of the suq (market). This walk through the Old City will make your visit unforgettable!

This tour covers:

– All four quarters of the Old City – Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Armenian
– View of the Western Wall
– Incredible views of: The Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Dome of the Rock, Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Mount of Olives.
– Hurva (the ruined synagogue)
– The Via Dolorosa
– Jaffa Gate
– David’s Citadel
– Roman Cardo Maximus

And MUCH more…



Tour 20-02:  Shuk Dash


Number of participants: 50
Date & Time:  March 20, 2017  11 am – 12:30pm (1.5 hr)
Meeting Location: Shuk parking lot, 1 Kiach Street
Attire: Casual clothes with comfortable shoes for walking
Details: Light walking required. Children under 18 years of age are permitted on this tour.

Description: Explore the story of the vibrancy and diversity of the Jerusalem through the prism of the hustle and the bustle of Shuk Machaneh Yehuda. On this Shuk Dash teams will compete to sell fruit, pose with a fish and find someone from Morocco. You will complete many more exciting missions in order to complete your tasks.
Warning: this game is VERY COMPETITIVE



Tour 20-03: The fresh & A-Z tour: art & culture in Jerusalem


Number of participants: 20
Date & Time: March 20, 2017  12 pm – 3 pm (3 hr tour)
Meeting Location: Beita art center, 155 Jaffa St.
Attire: Casual clothes with comfortable shoes for walking.

Description: In this tour we will check some of the cool and unique art and culture places & people of Jerusalem. We will hear what is the difference between the scene in Jerusalem to the one in TLV. We will meet some of the people who are “running the show”. We will check out and talk about private vs public & guerilla art – and observe the art scene from different perspectives – from the grassroots organizations and street art to public & co-op projects to commercial art galleries.


Tour 20-04: Jerusalem Sunrise Bike Tour


Number of participants: 15
Date & Time: March 20, 2017 –  4:30 am – 7:30 am (3 hr tour)
Meeting Location: The lobby of Abraham Hostel Jerusalem, 67 Hanevi’im street
Attire: Sports shoes/sneakers, water and snacks
Included: Bikes, helmet, guide

Description: Jerusalem is best seen on two wheels, and this great tour takes you along the ancient thoroughfares and to the best lookouts over this beautiful city, just as the sun is rising and Jerusalem awakens. Visit Jerusalem Old City, as you circumvent all of the city’s eight gates, peddle along beautiful boulevards and pathways with stunning vistas in all directions, and visit areas not accessible by tour bus.



Tour 20-05: The Jerusalemites


Number of participants: 30
Date & Time: March 20, 2017  10 am – 12 pm (2 hr tour)
Start Point: Aroma coffee at Machne Yehuda Market, 26 at Machne Yehuda street
Attire: Casual clothes with comfortable shoes for walking.

Description: The magical and authentic neighborhood of Nahlaot has fascinating people and stories. Its residents open their doors and invite you in their homes, to show you their lives, hear their stories, and understand Jerusalem through its people. An ultra-Orthodox mother of seven, a subversive (radical?) Jerusalem artist and a local student will be happy to meet you for a tour of authentic Nachlaot.



Tour 20-06: City of David – Tours of Biblical Jerusalem


Number of participants: 40 per tour (2 tour guides each round)
Date & Time: March 20, 2017  11 am – 2 pm, 2 pm – 5 pm (3 hr. tour)
Meeting Location: City of David Visitor Center
Attire: Casual clothes with comfortable shoes for walking. Optional – water shoes and change of clothes

Description: Pass through the underground tunnels through which the city was conquered and residents fled. Go down to the hidden spring where kings were coronated. Walk in illuminated darkness through the water of Hezekiah’s Tunnel, where water has flowed since the time of the prophets. Join the mysterious, magical journey between ancient shafts, walls and fortresses at the City of David, the place where Jerusalem was born



Tour 20-07: Bite the Old City of Jerusalem – self-guided food tours with the bitemojo app


Number of participants: 65
Date & Time: March 20, 2017 – self-guided
Attire: Casual clothes with comfortable shoes for walking

Description: Fun and delicious self-guided food tours in the heart of Jerusalem’s famous old city. Bitemojo is an innovative food travel app that allows travelers and locals to learn about destinations through their culinary cuisine. The Bitemojo app help you to easily navigate, discover and taste the best local dishes, where the following is included in the tour’s price: 6 delicious bites, 10 hidden gems, easy to navigate map, and lot’s of flexibility and fun!

Included in the tour

– Finest food bites – from Hummus to sweets, taste the best dishes in the Old City
– Amazing points of interest – walk back in time to ancient Jerusalem
– Interaction with the locals – so start brushing up your Hebrew and Arabic!
– Complete flexibility – walk at your own time and pace, the way YOU like

Important information

– The tour with the app requires 3G roaming package
– The tour will be available in English, German, Hebrew
– If you are allergic to any kind of food please contact us in advance to taking the tour
– By registering for this tour you are agreeing to Bitemojo’s terms and condition
– One week prior to your arrival to TBEX Jerusalem you will receive an email with information about your tour
– Click HERE for a video demonstration on how to use the Bitemojo app



Tour 20-08: Inspiring Hope:  Jerusalem Behind The Headlines

Number of participants: 30
Date & Time:  March 20, 2017, 9 am – 12pm  (3 hrs)
Meeting Location:  Damascus Gate
Attire: Casual clothes with comfortable shoes for walking
Details: Light walking required. Children under 18 years of age are permitted on this tour.

Description: Experience Jerusalem as you never have before with the Jerusalem Foundation, a 50-year community foundation in the city with more than 4000 projects that bear its name. Go behind the headlines and be inspired by the islands of coexistence that you don’t often see as we take to meet with Jews and Arabs who learn together, create together and work together. Meet with leaders of grassroots movements, a network of activists who promote tolerance, equality and shared living in a city where a plurality of perspectives are the founding principles for a “city of peace.” ​


The tour will cover:

An overview of Jerusalem’s diverse population groups at the Damascus Gate

Visit to Abna Al Quds: The only community center in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City that serves resident both in the Muslim Quarter and in east Jerusalem.  At the community center you will meet with  leaders in the Palestinian community who provide a wide range of enrichment activities for children, youth and adults and seniors and women’s empowerment programs, reaching tens of thousands of residents each year. The center is thought of as a unique refuge in the neighborhood, an island of serenity and open spaces amongst intense crowding and poverty and you will have an opportunity to meet with residents who benefit from the services provided.

Paley Center:  The Paley Center is the only Municipal art center in east Jerusalem, but it is much more than art. The center provides computer classes, trains budding artists for acceptance to Israeli art schools and much more.

Jerusalem Intercultural Center on Mount Zion: Here is where hope has its roots. The JICC is one of the best kept Jerusalem secrets. You will meet with a group of amazing east Jerusalem women activists  who were empowered to work within their communities and the Jerusalem municipality to improve conditions in their neighborhoods.  You will meet Jewish and Arab high school students who learn together. You will meet with Jewish and Arab principals  who work together to build bridges of hope in east and west Jerusalem.

And along the way, we will meet with different grassroots organizations  who promote civil society in Jerusalem through art, culture, sports or music.

Tour 20-10: Yad Vashem

Number of participants: 35
Date & Time: March 20, 10 am – 2pm (3-4 hours)
Meeting Location: Yad Vashem Visitor Center

Description: We invite the TBEX participants to complimentary tour accompanied by one of Yad Vashem’s professional guides. By weaving personal stories into the historical sequence through diaries, photographs, artifacts and video testimony, the museum display allows the visitor to absorb the extensive information, thereby providing a window into the Jews’ day-to-day struggle both to survive and to preserve their human dignity during this dark period in history. After the tour of the Holocaust History Museum, the participants will see some of the highlights of the extensive Yad Vashem campus, including an overview of the different touring options available.


Tour 20-11: The Nachlaot Jerusalem Art Tour

Number of participants: 20
Date & Time: March 20, 11:30 am – 1:30 pm (2 hours)
Meeting Location: Abraham Hostel
Details: Minimal walking involved, but wear walking shoes and dress comfortably.

Description: We will visit one of Jerusalem’s oldest and most authentic of neighborhoods. Experience Nachlaot through the eyes of the artists who live and work there, Visit  galleries on and off the beaten track, meet the artists in their studios and learn of their unique connection to Jerusalem. Get an intimate view into the beating heart of the local art scene. We will see painting, photography, avante garde art and an inspiring urban art initiative.


Tour sign up is closed at this time as of March 9th, 2017.
Please contact our JDA hosts directly for any last minute tour sign up possibilities : Reut