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Adventure Central Newfoundland is a non-profit Destination Management Organization focused on promoting Central Newfoundland as a unique multi-season tourism destination. This vast region of Canada’s most easterly province is rich in culture and heritage, as well as distinctive experiences. Six different types of icebergs (tabular, blocky, wedged, dome, pinnacle and dry dock) annually meander along the coastline of Central Newfoundland, which encompasses more of “Iceberg Alley” than any other area of the province. Some 22 species of whales, including the world’s largest concentration of feeding Humpback whales, swim amongst the shorelines, and can be spotted from many of the more than 50 marked hiking trails throughout the region, or from the deck of one of the many boat tours operating out of the region. Other types of whales that can be spotted in Adventure Central Newfoundland include Minke, Pothead, Fin, Sperm, Blue, Orca, White-Beaked Dolphin, White-Sided Dolphin and Harbour Porpoise. Canada’s most easterly national park — Terra Nova National Park — is located near the Eastport Peninsula, which is known as the Festival Capital of Newfoundland. There’s a rich First Nations history in the region, and the only Native reserve on the island is in Central, Conne River (Miawpukek First Nations). The people of Conne River host an annual traditional powwow, which takes place July 1-3, 2016. There’s also a rich Beothuk history in Adventure Central Newfoundland, with the Beothuk Interpretation Centre located in Boyd’s Cove. There, you can walk the same path the Beothuk people walked some 300 years ago. Don’t just come and see Central – experience it.


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