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One of the oldest cities in the world, Jerusalem is a city rich with over 5,000 years of history. It is a city that over 3 billion people of faith from around the world look to for inspiration. Jerusalem is a city of overwhelming emotions, a city that promises a religious and spiritual experience, excitement and pleasure, interesting tours and entertaining adventures. Here, alongside Jerusalem’s fascinating historic and archeological sites, there are amazingly modern tourist attractions for anyone seeking culture, the arts, theater and music, architecture and culinary delight.

The city’s unique history contrasted with its modern infrastructure, position Jerusalem as a magnet for millions of tourists each year. Over the past few years, Time Magazine, Conde Nast, Entrepreneur, and Trip Advisor have ranked Jerusalem as a global leader for its roles in the fields of innovation and intellectual capital, food, culture and art.

The city’s position as a leader in virtually every industry has inspired many global conferences to host their next event in the city with help of the Jerusalem’s Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

Jerusalem’s rich historical heritage, its sophisticated cultural scene and vibrant nightlife serve as the perfect canvas for any tourist and traveler to explore Jerusalem, a city undergoing an inspiring renaissance.


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