Speaker Submission

Speaker Submissions are closed.

We get tons of speaker submissions and even more emails about wanting to be a speaker at one of our TBEX events. Unfortunately, far too many of these ideas and submissions are the wrong fit for our audience. Sometimes we have been able to take the germ of an idea, have further discussion, and turn it into a great submission. Other times we can’t.

We want to introduce new speakers and new topics to our TBEX attendees. We can do that by letting you know what we expect of our speakers, let you know what we’re looking for, and provide you with information to help position yourself as an outstanding speaker candidate.

If you’re serious about being a speaker at TBEX, reading, understanding and following these guidelines will serve you well.

What’s Next?

We announce our call for speakers on the TBEX blog, as well as on Twitter and Facebook.

When the call for speakers is out, read and re-read these tips and familiarize yourself with our requirements and expectations.

Think about, refine, and think some more about your speaking idea. Ask questions about anything you don’t understand or would like to know more about.

Then submit your proposal.