How to Monetize Your Blog with Print on Demand

October 16, 2016 11:40 am - 12:30 pm

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Betsy & Pete Wuebker


“Is there a way to make money from my blog other than advertising or sponsored posts?” “Can I manage my travel and blogging workload with the need to make money?” “Can I earn passive income from work that I do on my travel blog?” “Is there a no hassle way to sell real merchandise that complements my travel blog?” The answer to all these questions is “YES!”

In this session, we’ll explain how to easily make a functional and realistic business plan centered around your blog. You will learn exactly what comprises a successful plan, and how to use a pro forma statement for confident and realistic revenue forecasting. We’ll enumerate several ways to successfully earn passive income from blogging, and then we will share how we’ve created a regular monthly income stream for eight years with Print On Demand (POD) merchandise. You’ll learn why POD platforms – Zazzle, Cafe Press, Red Bubble and others- are a great choice for bloggers who want to earn passive income. You’ll discover how to successfully market merchandise designs – your own and those designed by others – using your travel blog and social media influence. You will come away from this presentation energized by a strategic mindset and new ideas to make money


1. How to Get Started with Zazzle
2. Product Creation Tools and Shortcuts
3. Business Plan Template
4. Pro Forma Spreadsheet Template with Formulas


TBEX Asia 2016, How to Monitize Your Blog Print on Demand, Pete and Betsy Wuebaker from TBEX