How to Make a Living as a Video Travel Blogger

October 15, 2016 10:35 am - 11:25 am

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Mike Shubic


If you are producing (or working toward producing) quality video content, but need to figure out how to monetize it, this session is for you. Mike Shubic, publisher of will share his insight into how he makes a living as a travel video blogger. From working with destinations, distributors, hotels to brands, Mike will cover every aspect of how he makes money producing video content. His presentation is quite transparent, even offering pricing guidelines and other intricacies that many video bloggers are not willing to share. Learn from Mike’s years of experience and ability to navigate the sales process will help you down the path of making a living producing video content.


1. Overview of the types of videos that can be produced: Promotional, Experiential/Editorial, Testimonial, Informational and Vlog
2. Industries to target: Hospitality, Destinations, Attractions, Tour Companies, Brands and Media outlets.
3. Developing urgency to close the sale.
4. Optimizing and driving traffic to the videos/increasing views.
5. Rights/Copyrights: How to retain and/or charge for different level distribution rights.
6. Pricing – How to charge for your work.
7. Developing a video brand.