How to Improve Your Architectural Photographs

October 15, 2016 10:35 am - 11:25 am

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Ajay Sood


As travel bloggers, naturally, we travel. To different geographies, cities, sites! Besides taking in the sounds and stories of the places we travel to, we also capture images there. These images help bring our stories alive for the reader/viewer.
Many of the images we capture are of the location’s architecture as it defines the place. This session is designed in a user-friendly way to take these architectural images a few notches higher.


1. Available Lighting and how to use it
2. Vantage and how to choose it
3. Shadows/Reflections and how to exploit them
4. Using frames to ensure viewer focus on your subject
5. Scale of the structure and how to give the viewer a sense of that
6. Architectural Details (Isolating and capturing them)
7. Patterns (sighting them, using them)
8. Choosing the right time to shoot – day vs. night
9. Weather (and how inclement weather may actually enhance the image)
10. Leading lines to lead a viewer’s eye to your subject
11. Distortion (and how to get rid of it)
12. Dynamic range (and how to overcome your camera’s dynamic range limitations)


TBEX Asia 2016 Making Better Architectural Photographs, Ajay Sood de TBEX