Sant Hilari Sacalm – Woods, Witches and Bandits

Sant Hilari Sacalm – Woods, Witches and Bandits

Maximum number of participants: 15


9:00h Departure from Lloret de Mar
09:45h Arrival at Sant Hilari Sacalm
10:00h Visit of the Aqua Museum
11:00h Guided Tour through the Stream and Balnearium of Font Picant. Water Tasting
12:30h Walk around the Bandit Pathway.
14:00h Lunch in a Typical Catalan Restaurant of Arbúcies
16:00h Visit and participate in different activities at the Arbúcies Town and its Cultural Fair of Witches and Bandits such as: Museum Tour Guide, Horse Carriage Ride, Walking Tour
17:00h End of the Day with all the bandits, witches and visitors!



History :
Inland Catalonia in the Baroque era was a land dominated by poverty, desperation and fear. The deep social unrest gave rise to a great number of figures who fought to escape, whilst others became scapegoats for the sins of a famished and weakened society.

The economic and social backdrop of scarcity and rivalries led to the prominence of the figure of the outlaw. Over-population in the mountains forced some locals to become highwaymen in order to survive the hard times, sometimes on their own behalf, but often under the protection of more powerful men.

Arbúcies, Sant Hilari Sacalm, Viladrau, Olost and Sant Feliu Sasserra are the towns that make up Association of Towns participating in the Tourism Development Initiative: Woods of Witches and Bandits. Their strength lies in the diversity of what they offer collectively. The common denominator underlying all of the points of tourist interest here is that, in the past, they all provided the setting for important chapters in the history of witchcraft and banditry during the 16th and 17th centuries.

These towns have come together to revitalize tourism in the area and develop the local economy. To this end, they have created the Tourism Development Initiative which, as well as the towns’ own funding, also receives financial support from Turespaña (Spanish tourism authority) and from the Direcció General de Turisme de la Generalitat de Catalunya (Tourism office of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia). In addition, the Diputacions (Provincial Councils) of Girona and of Barcelona have given support to the Association in this venture through their own tourism and cultural bodies. Furthermore, the Association has signed knowledge-sharing agreements in various fields with the Universities of Girona and Vic.

With the objective of offering modern visitors something different and authentic, the Association has focused on the area’s rich heritage in terms of witchcraft and banditry. Using natural and cultural resources, it has developed a sustainable tourism project suitable for all ages: hiking routes to key emblematic sites, events recreating historical times, sites designed to gain in-depth insight into the phenomena, and much more.

A broad selection of activities designed for visitors to enjoy at any time of year. And all in a
spectacular setting: the unbeatable backdrop of the natural beauty of inland Catalonia and the forests of the Montseny, Guilleries and Lluçanès regions.

A whole world to discover…