PreBEX April 27

Context Travel pre-bex tours will meet at Place Catalynya (Hard Rock Cafe). They will have a clearly marked sign for each tour.

10:00 AM (3 Hours) Gothic Quarter Barcelona’s Barri Gótic, or “Gothic Quarter,” contains all the layers of this city’s deep history, from ancient Roman outpost to capital of the Crown Aragon in the Middle Ages to the making of a modern metropolis in the 19th century. In this three-hour comprehensive tour of this historic core we’ll pull back the layers of Barcelona with a trained scholar and learn how to read the city in all its complexity.Degree of fitness required: Low
Max number of people: 10
Gothic Quarter
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4:00 PM (3 Hours) City of Chocolate From its quiet beginnings to its global dominance as an affordable luxury, chocolate has shaped Barcelona’s eating culture. This three hour walking seminar will follow the course of chocolate history in Barcelona through the narrow streets of the old city and out onto the Ramblas, from 19th century bomboneries famous for dark truffles to the adventurous palates of 21st century chocolate masters. We’ll sample liquor-filled bonbons, watch freshly fried churros emerge from their oily baths, and duck into a traditional grocer stocked with fine local goods. Throughout the walk, we will explore chocolate’s roots as an Aztec import and its eventual adoption by all of Europe. Includes tastings.Degree of fitness required: Low
Max number of people: 8
City of Chocolate
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(3 Hours)

Revealing The Raval El Raval could be the most unique neighborhood in Barcelona. Once outside the city walls, the barrio’s varied history varies widely from its origins as peaceful medieval monasteries and hospitals to its racy days as the Barrio Chino, the Bohemian red light district of the early 20th century. For the last 30 years, the neighborhood has been undergoing an exciting urban resurgence, today becoming one of the trendiest areas of the city. Over the course of this 3 hour walk, in the company of an architect or historian, we will discover its fascinating history and some of its secret venues.

Degree of fitness required: Low

Max number of pax: 10

Revealing the Raval
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