Lozère Tourisme

Mission Statement of Lozere

The tourism board of Lozère, in the South of France, is a nonprofit organization in order to help to develop tourism industry in France’s least populated department; sunny, close to the Mediterranean and firmly committed to sustainable tourism.

We play a unique role in promoting Lozère to consumers around the world. The Public relations and Presswork department has the mission to show you a different side of Lozère, picking out topics, images and places that will inspire you when planning your trip, your visit or your holiday to the amazing place that is Lozère. Our mission is to grow the value of inbound tourism to Lozère, by increasing visitor numbers and visitor spending in all parts of Lozère. We are working in partnership with the industry and regions to generate additional visitor spend.


Lozère could be described by an unusual characters, breathtaking landscapes, an unspoilt way of life, stunning countryside and wild, open spaces, combined with an extensive range of high-standard rural accommodation and a reputation for authentic food: if you’re looking for a different kind of tourism, far from the madding crowd, in Lozère you’ll find everything you could wish for. Lozère is an area of remarkably rich and diverse countryside and extraordinary landscapes. In 2011 Lozère was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in the Agro-Pastoral Cultural Landscapes category, and it is also full of history, fascinating legends and some very different things to do. Set off on foot, in the saddle or behind the wheel along pretty roads in green countryside, through genuine villages, lowlands, mountains and gorges, from the Margeride Mountains to the Aubrac Plateau, exploring the Tarn Gorge and Cévennes National Park, swimming in our rivers, trying your hand at kayaking, or simply following your nose… Everything here gives you a natural feeling of wellbeing, reconnecting you with the authentic. We are providing an authentic experience for visitors by developing and expanding the number and quality of product offerings.