Langkawi holds a special place in the hearts of many Malaysians and tourists from across the world. Since its initial development in the late 80s, it has transformed into a popular tourist destination, culminating in Langkawi being awarded Geopark status by UNESCO in 2007.


The island has delighted millions of tourists from across the world with its natural beauty, its myths, its unique flora and fauna and the warm hospitality of its people. It is a truly island paradise with stunning beaches, secluded islands and nature sanctuaries known for exotic wildlife, tropical plants and rock formation as old as earth. The archipelago remains relatively pristine, with most of its 99 islands protected from major development.



A tourism blueprint was launched recently aimed to set Langkawi on the path towards becoming a Global Top 10 island and eco-destination by 2015. Clear targets, effective implementation, environmental protection and sustainable development are critical ingredients for Langkawi to be able to fulfill its potential. Langkawi Development Authority is the leading agency on the island together with the stakeholders are fully committed in making sure the island unleash its true potential.


We look forward to meeting you and sharing our island with you.


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