Speed Networking

We are excited to be hosting TBEX Asia ’15 in Bangkok, Thailand.  We will be providing our attendees with an opportunity to connect with each other through the use of BloggerBridge. You will have received a welcome letter, and before you dive in, we would like you to review the appropriate guide.

Important Note: Only registered Travel Bloggers, Sponsors and PR/Industry who have rented a table will be receiving invitations to the software system

When Can I Begin Requesting Appointments?

Right now! Click the following link to set up and access your account

Who Can You Meet During These Events?

Speed Networking was created to facilitate networking between Media/Travel Bloggers and Companies (Sponsors and registered Industry Professionals who have purchased a table to participate).

Travel Bloggers will be able to request appointments through BloggerBridge with both Sponsors and PR/Industry Professionals with tables and vice versa only.

  • Example of allowed messaging and appointments:
    Travel Blogger <–> Companies
  • Example of allowed messaging:
    Travel Blogger <–> Travel Blogger
  • Example of communication not granted:
    Company <–> Company

Event Details

Speed Networking

Date & Time:   Friday, October 16, 2015  3:40 PM – 5:40 PM | Saturday, October 17, 2015 2:50 PM – 4:40 PM
Location: Plenary Hall 1 & 2
Details: One on One meetings are preset at 10 minutes each – 8 minutes for the meeting and 2 minutes to get to your next appointment. We will be making announcements to keep you on schedule as you meet with all of your appointments.



To get the most out of this service we have put together guides that will teach you how to setup your profile and how to make appointments for maximum exposure.

Blogger Guide Company Guide

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