Post-Bex Tours: OCTOBER 18TH

 *Tours are now closed you may inquire at the check in counter located at the QSNCC on the day of the tours to see if there’s any cancellation.*


 Food tour

18 OCT 2015

Historic Bangrak Food and Culture Tour

Awarded Thailand’s Best Tour Program in 2013, our original Historic Bangrak Food Tour let you become a Thai food expert in a few hours! Join us as we bring you to explore amazing tastes and sights of Bangrak, aka Village of Love, the century-old culinary neighborhood. Our 3.5-hour signature food tour combines delectable food tasting with off-the-beaten sightseeing. As the most popular culinary tour in Thailand, this tour is a delicious and fun way to explore Bangkok just like a local.


9.00 am – 14.00 pm

9:00 hrs.   – Meet at QSNCC and travel to Saphan Taksin BTS station

  • Visit the first tasting location, Ped Yand Nai Soong, opened over 60 years ago, where you will learn and try Thai-Chinese cuisine. You will taste Thai-style roasted duck with rice.
  • Visit Suan Plu Temple, over 100 years old with significant importance to the people in the neighborhood.
  • Visit the second tasting location, Muslim Restaurant, where you will learn and try Thai- Muslim cuisine. You will taste Thai-Muslim curry noodle influenced by Indian-style curry here.
  • Walk to the Oriental alley and cross the river to Thonburi side.
  • Visit our third tasting location, Yum Rod Sab, where you will learn and try North- Eastern Thai food. Tasting menu include spicy papaya salad, fried chicken with lemongrass, and spicy grilled pork salad (nham tok moo).
  • Then, we will cross the river back to Bangrak area.
  • Visit the forth tasting location, Pan Lee Bakery, and a Bangrak’s desert institution. Here you will try the original pandan flavor custard bun and Thai ice tea
  • Visit last tasting location, Kalaprapruk. You will try the royal recipe green curry served with Thai style roti. We will finish the tour with home-made tropical Thai fruit ice-cream

Details: Maximum 8 persons

For more detail:



Thai cooking 8

18 October 2015

Silom Thai Cooking School  / 68 Silom Soi 13 Silom Road, Bangrak, Bangkok

Thai food lovers are guaranteed to enjoy a special bonus here. The Silom Thai Cooking Class provides one of the very best experiences if your interest is simply in learning more about what goes into Thai food dishes and the traditional Thai-style cooking in order to enhance your culinary knowledge and enjoyment. Whatever your aspirations, whatever your level, your individual needs will be addressed with as much attention as you require.

The Silom Thai Cooking School caters to people with keen interests in not just only food, but also culture. Learn to cook famous Thai dishes in a relaxed and friendly environment. Small classes (only 1-9 people) are conducted in a traditional open kitchen, and led by certified Thai cooks, creating a highly personalized and rewarding experience.


08.00 hrs.        – Shuttle pick up at QSNCC

09.00 hrs.        – Arrive at the cooking with Silom Thai Cooking School/ The course starts

13.00 hrs.        – End of course/ Leave to QSNCC

14.00 hrs.        – Arrive QSNCC

Details: Maximum 20 persons



Thai cooking 9

18 October 2015

Naj Thai Cooking School / 42 Convent Road [Opposite BNH Hospital] Silom, Bangkok

Cuisine has always played a major role in the tourism and hospitality industry. Actually,     the culinary aspect in Bangkok has been regarded as a unique selling preposition                  or an essential product and service in the hospitality industry to enhance inbound tourism    and to complete your passion of gastronomy in Bangkok as well. The Naj Cooking School offers Thai cooking classes with an authentic Thai taste and home style cooking environment.


08.00 hrs.        – Shuttle pick up at QSNCC

09.00 hrs.        – Arrive at the cooking with Naj Thai Cooking School/ The course starts

13.00 hrs.        – End of course/ Leave to QSNCC

14.00 hrs.        – Arrive QSNCC

Details: Maximum 30 persons



Thai 11

18 October 2015

May Kaidee Vegetarian Cooking School / May kaidee Oasis, Tanao Road, Trok Mahan-Nope1, Bangkok

Thailand is known for unique and delectable cuisine. The quality of the Thai culinary delight and the treasure of making Thai delicacies that have still been nourished in the mind of the Thai people are a magnificent aspect that reflects the sense and spirit of the country. For an ultimate look into the gastronomic Thai delight experience through your own skill, we recommend you visit the enhancing learning cuisine of May Kaidee Vegetarian Cooking School to discover the excellent art of making Thai specialties,   cooking healthy and tasty vegetarian and vegan Thai food.

May Kaidee Vegetarian Cooking School is a favourite amongst vegans and vegetarians throughout the world, welcoming students of all skill levels. Subjects that get covered during class hours include the course material overview, preparing chili paste, discussion of herbs and spices, visiting the market, production of a spring roll wrapper, raw food recipes, traditional Thai dancing, mango dessert and sticky rice, cold food recipes, review of techniques, etc.


08.00 hrs.        – Shuttle pick up at QSNCC

09.00 hrs.        – Arrive at the cooking with May Kaidee Vegetarian Cooking School/ The course starts

13.00 hrs.        – End of course/ Leave to QSNCC

14.00 hrs.        – Arrive QSNCC

Details: Maximum 40 persons



Thai cooking 12

18 October 2015

MSC Thai Culinary School / 457 Sukhumvit 55, North Klongton, Wattana, Bangkok

MSC mission is to be the best Thai Culinary School by focusing on teaching the highest cookery skills and having internationally accredited courses and instructors, which are significant in developing the standards in culinary education.

we also offer half-day course for interested students  and weekend special course for junior chefs, family cooking, fruits and vegetables carving, Thai dessert lovers, and etc.


08.00 hrs.        – Shuttle pick up at QSNCC

09.00 hrs.        – Arrive at the cooking with MSC Thai Culinary School/ The course starts

13.00 hrs.        – End of course/ Leave to QSNCC

14.00 hrs.        – Arrive QSNCC

Details: Maximum 25 persons



Thai cooking 13

18 October 2015

Siam Wisdom Cuisine / 66 soiSukhumvit 31 (Sawadee) Yak4, Klongtoey-Nua, Wattana, Bangkok

Siam Wisdom is not only just an authentic Thai cuisine restaurant serving superlative and authentic Thai food, but do sample some of the more unusual with a wide range of food and the like-in a nicely our decorated space. The Menu had choice, flavors, quality and presentation a true taste of Thailand.

Moreover, Siam Wisdom also offering several private cooking classes in our original antique wooden house in order to fulfill your extraordinary experience.

Thai cooking to an appreciation crowd of locals, including plenty of expats and original branch of seasonal fresh food.


13.00 hrs.        – Shuttle pick up at QSNCC

14.00 hrs.        – Arrive at the cooking with Siam Wisdom Cuisine/  The course starts

17.00 hrs.        – End of course / Leave to QSNCC

18.00 hrs.        – Arrive QSNCC

Details: Maximum 25 persons


Bangkok at Night on Silom Road  *** Local Caption *** ถนนสีลม กลางคืน จังหวัดกรุงเทพมหานคร

18 Oct 2015 

Silom Shopping Where To Shop And What To Buy In Silom” (1 Day Tour)

Be it during the day or past midnight, Silom has something to satisfy all breeds of shopper. Start with the shopping malls in the area, including Silom Complex, Central, and Robinson. Also don’t miss Silom’s sub-sois, notably Soi ‘Lalaisup’, where local food, clothing and accessories can be had at reasonable prices. Fancy shopping under the Bangkok’s night sky? Then head to the famous Pat-pong Night Market. All have any soveniors such as; Thai crafts, CD’s, DVD’s, counterfeit watches and bags, funny and rude T-shirts, boxing shorts and a whole lot of other things can be bargained for. This and the vendors who turn up along Silom and Sala-daeng Roads of each night, Moreover, are undoubtedly the most popular shopping option, especially for tourists.

Silom Walking Street is an excellent new initiative that sees one of Bangkok’s most famous roads closed down, making way for huge pedestrianized zone that gets packed-out with hundreds of food, fashion, and electronics vendors. It runs every Sunday from 15:00 until around 22:00 and                    is particular easy to find in the center of Bangkok – directly underneath Sala Daeng BTS Station.

Opening Hours: 15:00 – 22:00 every Sunday

Location: Silom Road, Bangkok

Notice: Please note that Silom Walking Street is temporarily closed for rainy season during June and July. The exact reopening is still to be confirmed. 


15:00 hrs.                    – Shuttle pick up at the official hotels

15:30 hrs.                    – Arrive at MRT Silom Station

You can have a new Experience at Silom Walking Street ,have the variety of food, clothes and etc. just like KhaoSan road but have different about the time, on the walking street open early than Khao San Road and have priceless of handmade souvenir.

18:00 hrs.  – Shopping Night life at Silom- Saladang Road for Shopping local of souvenir and all about foods any entertainment on this street such as; CD,DVD(movie), etc…

21:00 hrs.                    – End of the trip/ Leave to the official hotels

21:30 hrs.                    – Arrive the official hotels

Details: Maximum 20 persons



shopping post

18 Oct 2015

Chatuchak Weekend Market (One Day Tour) (evening)

Once only popular among wholesalers and traders, Chatuchak Weekend Market has reached a landmark status as a must-visit place for tourists. Its sheer size and diverse collections of merchandise will bring any seasoned shoppers to their knees – this is where you can literally shop ‘till you drop’. All the area of Chatuchak is home to more than 8,000 market stalls. On a typical weekend, more than 200,000 visitors come here to sift through the goods on offer. Veteran shoppers would agree that just about everything is on sale here, although not all at the best bargain rates. But if you have one weekend in Bangkok, squeeze in a day trip to Chatuchak Weekend Market and you will not be disappointed.

Open on Saturday & Sunday: 09:00 – 18:00, Friday 18:00 – 24:00 hrs.

Schedule (on Sunday)

09:00 hrs.                             – Shuttle pick up at QSNCC.

09:30 hrs.                             – Arrive at MRT Chatuchak Park station (exit No.1)/ Walking into Chatuchak weekend Market, this place like a shopping Paradise for Shopaholic and have anything in this market that u can buy.

13:30 hrs.                             – End of the trip /Leave to QSNCC.

15:30 hrs.                             – Arrive QSNCC.

Details: Maximum 20 persons




18 Oct 2015

SAMPENG + YAOWARAT Market of street food

Yaowarat, or Bangkok’s Chinatown, is one of the most exciting and busiest parts of the city. Along with a fantastic array of Thai street food, there are a number of shopping markets.

The most famous is Sampeng Market, a seemingly everlasting sprawl of random trinkets, latest inventions, jewelry, fabric and everything else you can imagine. The market is often jam packed with shoppers, street food carts and transport dollies all scurrying through the narrow aisles.

Sampeng Market is a place where many store owners or market stall vendors in other parts of the city purchase wholesale deals.


09:00 hrs.                             – Shuttle pick up at QSNCC.

09:30 hrs.                             – Arrive at MRT Samyan Station/Take a Tuk Tuk ride/Getting to Sam Peng Market for shopping accessories and/Experience the variety of Thai taste on the street foods in many famous food districts such as Yaowarat (China Town) and etc.

22:00 hrs.                             – End of the trip /Leave to QSNCC.

22:30 hrs.                             – Arrive QSNCC.

Details: Maximum 20 persons




18 Oct 2015

The island in the Chao Phraya River near Bangkok (Ko Kret)

The real fun of Ko Kret is cruising through the tiny hamlets, enjoying the soothing rural views and stopping for a cool drink as the mood strikes. However, there are a few tourist attractions on the island. Arguably the biggest sight is Wat Poramai Yikawat. Located across from Ko Kret’s main pier, this Buddhist temple has a Mon-style marble Buddha statue and a museum with religious objects and exhibits on local pottery. But the temple’s most famous landmark is undoubtedly the 200-year-old leaning stupa that juts out from the island’s northeastern corner, go in either direction to find both abandoned kilns and working pottery centres on the island’s east and north coasts. This is because    Ko Kret is known for its hand-thrown terracotta pots, sold at markets throughout Bangkok; order an iced coffee from just about any vendor on the island and you’ll get a small one as a souvenir.


09:00 hrs.                             – Shuttle pick up at QSNCC.

09:30 hrs.                             – Arrive at Ko Kret (take a long-tail Boat)/ Getting to Ko Kret enjoying the soothing rural views and stopping for a cool drink as the mood strikes and shopping on weekend market

16:00 hrs.                             – End of the trip/Leave to QSNCC.

17:30 hrs.                             – Arrive QSNCC.

Details: Maximum 20 persons




18 Oct 2015

The island in the Chao Phraya River near Bangkok (Bang Luang Market)

Bang Luang market – an old market with a story to tell – is located in Bang Lane district, Nakhon Pathom. This is a traditional marketplace on Suphan Buri riverbank where local residents still live and trade here as when it first began hundreds of years ago. Nowadays, it remains vibrant and retains the atmosphere of a traditional market. The mark of Bang Luang market are ancient wooden townhouses built during the reign of King Rama V. The market takes place on both sides of Chiang Rai road to the riverbank. Although it stretches for a mere 200 meters, it looks like a living museum that displays the harmonious integration of Thai and Chinese cultures. On weekdays, the place is slightly quiet however the weekends are crowded with vendors. Some have their own kiosks, while some roam around with pushcarts. Most of the goods sold here are foodstuff, such as; pad thai, tua pab (sweet rice dessert with yellow beans), freshly made rice noodle crepes with shrimp and assorted vegetables. You may wish to try the food from houseboats to get the riverside atmosphere, or indulge yourself with a cup of coffee in one of the vintage coffee shops. When visiting Bang Luang market, most tourists are tempted to try chun pia, a traditional Teochew Chinese recipe. It consists of fried egg spring rolls stuffed with minced pork, dried shrimp and chive leaves served without any sauce. It is very likely to find many stalls selling Chun Pia. However, among those, Jantima is the original. Traditional Thai desserts are a popular souvenir choice. Mae Pin Kanom Thai is one of the well-known shops providing big slices of various desserts, for instance; Thong Yip (golden flowers), Foi Thong (sweet egg-serpentine), red sticky rice, Kanom Chan (multi-layered sweet)


09:00 hrs.                             – Shuttle pick up at QSNCC.

09:30 hrs.                             – Arrive at Wongwian Yai BTS station/Take Taxi to charan-sanit-wong-soi-sam – lifestyle  with the local of riverside and retains the atmosphere of a traditional The mark of Bang Luang market are ancient wooden townhouses built during the reign of King Rama V. The market takes place on both sides

16:00 hrs.                             – End of the trip/ Leave to QSNCC.

17:30 hrs.                             – Arrive QSNCC.

Details: Maximum 20 persons




18 OCT 2015

Sor Vorapin Boxing Gym (3 hours.)

Sor Vorapin Boxing Gym founded by two brothers who share a passion for this ancient martial art since 1979. The gym specializes in providing courses of Thai boxing especially to foreigners.


07:00 hrs.             – Shuttle pick up at QSNCC

08:00 hrs.             – Arrive at the Sor Vorapin Boxing Gym/ The course starts

11:00 hrs.             – End of the course/ Leave to QSNCC

12:00 hrs.             – Arrive QSNCC

Maximum 15 persons


Spa 9

18 OCT 2015

Dii Wellness Med Spa

Dii celebrates two worlds in perfect harmony: a spa and wellness med spa.  In this serene sanctum, the antitheses live in peaceful coexistence.  Body and mind, relaxation and healing, tradition and sophistication, nature and technology.  A visit to Dii will make you realize that beauty, which lies hidden with your body and soul.

Signature Treatment

Ayurveda Black Marine

This unique pick-me-up represents Dii’s magical mantra of spiritual calm inspired by the Oriental healing wisdom. The treatment rebalances and revitalizes at a cellular level by tapping the restorative power of heated black jade massage. A superior state of bliss is attained through an ancient Ayurvedic healing technique called Shirodara: warm medicated oils are poured onto the third eye. The procedure keeps every organ energized and in balance. Along with a detoxifying oxygen infusion, skin rejuvenation is stimulated with a juventide collagen massage. Top it all off with an aquamarine quartz facial that enhances circulation and tones up skin. You emerge with a sense of youthfulness and gentle lusters.


10:00 hrs.             – Shuttle pick up at QSNCC

10:00 hrs.             – Arrive at the Dii Wellness Med Spa/The treatment course starts

12:40 hrs.             – End of the course/ Leave to QSNCC

13:30 hrs.             – Arrive QSNCC

Maximum 5 persons



18 OCT 2015

RarinJinda Wellness & Spa: Treatment Siamese Himalayan Salt Therapy + Infrared Sauna + Mango and Sticky Rice with Thai Herbal Tea

Relax your body with the Infrared Sauna, where the infrared heaters emit infrared light experience as radiant heat is absorbed by the surface of the skin. Then, Experience our new package “Siamese Himalayan Salt Therapy” in the three-sided Himalayan Salt Room. Be pampered with the 60 mins Classical Thai Massage while relaxing in the Himalayan Salt Room. Enjoy the many benefits of Spleotherapy of Himalayan salt

Details: Maximum 4 persons



Spa 10

18 OCT 2015

RarinJinda Wellness & Spa: Classical Thai Massage with Herbal Compress + Mango and Sticky Rice with Thai Herbal Tea

Classical Thai Massage: The epitome of authentic Thai traditional therapy consisting of a traditional Thai Massage and hot compress of fresh Thai herbs.

RarinJinda Wellness Spa, a premium and innovative Wellness Spa that harmonizes all life senses, is one of Thailand’s leading wellness spa with expertised therapists and latest spa technologies. RarinJinda Wellness spa offers clients wellness, good health and luxurious pampering in a spa sanctuary. RarinJinda is an urban spa fully equipped with all of the latest spa technology and facilities at high international standards, yet deeply rooted in the Thai massage and healing traditions.

Details: Maximum 6 persons


09:00 hrs.             – Shuttle pick up at QSNCC

10:00 hrs.             – Arrive at the RarinJinda Wellness & Spa/ The treatment course starts

13:00 hrs.             – End of the course/ Leave to QSNCC

14:00 hrs.             – Arrive QSNCC



Spa 11

October 18

Wat Pho : Ancient art of Thai massage

Located in the heart of Bangkok in the Phra Nakhon district, next to the Grand Palace, Wat Pho is one of Thailand’s largest and oldest Temples.  Renowned for its magnificent 46-metre long Reclining Buddha, Wat Pho was also the location of Thailand’s first public university hundreds of years ago.  Wat Pho is today Thailand’s leading center for learning ancient healing arts, especially traditional Thai medicine and Thai massage.

Conform to the harmony living of human and nature including with a delicate and gentle character of traditional Thainess, Thai traditional massage and medicine is a folk medicine that have been broadly satisfied from time to time. Moreover, WatPoThai massage becomes one of the most world-wide recognized therapeutic and relaxing massage style.


08:00 hrs.             – Shuttle pick up QSNCC

09:00 hrs.             – Arrive at the Wat Pho/ Sightseeing around the ancient temple/ The Ancient Thai Massage course starts

12:00 hrs.             – End of the course/ Leave to QSNCC

13:00 hrs.             – Arrive QSNCC

Details: Maximum 10 persons




Bangkok Night Lights Tuk Tuk Tour –  Classic Edition

October 18:

7pm – 11pm

Bangkok is a city that never sleeps. On this Bangkok night tour we will travel by tuk tuk to explore Bangkok’s markets, temples and food, under the night lights. Seeing the sites at night brings out the true excitement, beauty and mystery of the city. It provides a great overview of the city for first timer visitors and several surprises for those who know the city well. Stops include: Wat Pho, Wat Prayoon, The Flower Market, Chinatown, The Giant Swing. We will stop for food along the way and you will not go hungry.

Attire: Casual with comfortable shoes for walking.

Details: Max 12 participants.

For more details visit:



Full Day Tour

centralbangkok centralbangkok2

Central Bangkok (The heart of the capital, The height of luxury)

18 Oct 2015:

9:30am – 6:30PM

Central Bangkok is the ultimate experience in shopping, fine-dining, financial services and entertainment. It is where all of Bangkok’s trendiest malls, restaurants, hippest hotels and condominiums are located.

Central Embassy is Thailand’s iconic retail landmark. It redefines the luxury shopping experiences. Let’s explore 10 places that you cannot miss in Central Bangkok and Central Embassy.



9.30am                       Meet at QSNCC and travel to Central Bangkok by car

10.00 am                      Visiting Central Embassy, Thailand’ iconic retail landmark See 7 stunning facades of Central Embassy, the longest façade in Thailand (when combine to Central Chidlom).

11.00am                     Attend Issaya, Thai cooking class taught by Chef Ian Kittichai, award- wining chef who wrote a number of cookbooks and have lunch at Issaya

3:00pm                     Refreshment at Eathai, Premium Thai food arena where you can find authentic Thai street food from different regions in Thailand and Thai market where you can buy Thai herbals and ingredients for cooking

4:00pm                      Visiting Central Chidlom– Thailand’s best-loved department store You will be delightful at Thaithai zone on 2nd floor. Here, chic Thai designer brands are waiting for you

4:30pm                      Gloom yourself at Truefitt & Hill, Thailand’s best men salon

6:00pm                      Indulge your evening at the Garden, latest outdoor garden where you can                                                         accompany your dog on Sunday whiling seeing panoramic view of Bangkok

Details: Maximum 8 persons


barhoppingmapbarhopping1 barhopping2 barhopping3

Bar Hopping at Ratchaprasong District


October 18, 2015

6:00pm – 8:00pm

Number of maximum participants: 10


Individual walk


Vibrant and energetic, the Ratchaprasong district is home to over 20 great bars that cater to every drinking style. With rooftop bars that allow you to drink under the stars or cozy corners to enjoy a romantic evening, party in style. Bar hoppers will love this district for its connectivity as every bar is within a 5 minute walking distance. Great times and truly happy hours await you here at Ratchaprasong.

Focus of tour:

Bloggers will get to immerse themselves in the energy of the district. With 3 different bars:

  1. Red Sky at Centara Grand at CentralWorld
  2. Theo Mio at InterContinental Bangkok
  3. Bar@494 at Grand Hyatt Erawan

Preferred Blogger Focus:

F&B, Lifestyle, Entertainment and travel


10.00 – 18.00       Bloggers to pick up the Bar Hopping voucher at Ratchaprasong Tourist information centre at Amarin Plaza, 2nd floor.

From BTS Chidlom station, take exit 2 and walk along Ratchaprasong skywalk, turn left to skywalk into Amarin Plaza. When reach the entrance turn left at the 1st intersection and Ratchaparsong Tourist in Formation Centre is on the left.

18.00 – 20.00       Start the walking tour individually.

Proposed transportation:

BTS (Skytrain) – use Sukhumvit Line to Chidlom Station

Physical restrictions:


Dietary restrictions/food allergies:



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