Children at TBEX Events

If you’re bringing your family along with you to a TBEX event, here is some information you need to know about how to include them in your plans.

Spouses, partners, and traveling companions are welcome at TBEX, however they must be registered. You can register them at the blogger rate, bring them along to education sessions and networking events, and give them a look at what you do.

If you’re traveling with children (defined for these purposes as anyone under the age of 18), the following policy applies:

  • The TBEX atmosphere is both a learning environment and a busy networking event designed for adults, so we strongly advise that you keep that in mind when deciding whether your child is of an appropriate age and activity level to accompany you.

  • Infants and young toddlers under the age of five (5) will not be required to have their own conference registration. Children five (5) years of age and older will need to register and have their own badge in order to attend the sessions and events.

  • At evening parties and other events, all registered attendees, including children, may attend unless the venue prohibits it. Alcohol is served at many of the events, and legal requirements for access vary by destination. The laws and regulations of the host destination and specific venue will apply. The only non-registered participants permitted at TBEX parties are infants with a registered parent/guardian, and again, subject to the laws and regulations of the host destination. Children must be supervised at all times.

  • Children and infants are generally not allowed on press trips or tours, as per the requirements of sponsors and hosts, unless specifically noted.

  • We do not offer an on-site babysitting service at the conference location. If you need child care you will need to make personal arrangements. There are strict laws and regulations about providing childcare and they vary based on the destination. We will try to provide information about childcare options for each of our events.

  • Please note that some of our sessions may contain mature subject matter and/or language.

  • We ask that you remove noisy or disruptive children from sessions.

  • Strollers are not permitted in the speed networking and open marketplace sessions.

If  you would like to talk to other parents for more tips or advice on attending the conference with your children/family, use the #TBEX Twitter hashtag.  Many of our attendees are parents and can give you insider guidance.

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