What is Speed Networking at TBEX

Speed Networking at TBEX is a series of pre-scheduled custom meetings between Sponsors,  (DMO’s, Brands, Marketing & PR agencies, etc.) and Travel Bloggers utilizing the BloggerBridge software platform. The meetings are brief, just 8 minutes long, encouraging both parties to focus on their objectives in meeting with one another.  Speed Networking lasts for two hours. Allowing you to set as many as 12 appointments in the allotted time.


When and where does this take place?

Speed networking takes place on the first day of TBEX (Date TBD), 2014 – (Time TBD). Participants will fill out a profile detailing the types of connections they’re interested in making, including such data as target demographics, current editorial needs and interests, product or service interests, and specialized areas of influence.

How do I get matched with those I want to meet?

Travel Bloggers are automatically signed up once they register for the show. Sponsors, PR & Industry will need to sign up or rent a table in order to participate by contacting our Business Development team. Once signed up, you’ll get an invitation to log in to the software platform, and you’ll be provided with instructions on how to utilize the software. You’ll fill out a simple profile with your interests, and then you will be able to browse profiles and request appointments!

What happens in a Speed Networking appointment?

A quick exchange of background information, each party sharing their business needs, and most importantly, the beginning of a new potential business relationship. Often deals are made during these speed networking sessions. Many appointments begin relationships that lead to mutually beneficial future business.

Why do Businesses participate in Speed Networking?

For Sponsors, PR & Industry: This is a one-stop opportunity to quickly locate Travel Bloggers who have interests aligned with what you have to offer, and to meet those content creators who can help tell your story to the very people you are trying to reach.


Benefits for Sponsors, PR & Industry participants:

Why do Travel Bloggers participate in Speed Networking?

For Travel Bloggers: This is a rare, convenient opportunity to meet Sponsors, PR & Industry representatives who understand the value of your digital content and want to meet and do business with you.


Benefits for Travel Blogger participants:

See you at the Speed Networking tables at TBEX!