Mayan Experience

Name of Tour: Mayan Experience

Location: Cancun

Date: September 14 – 16, 2015

TBEX FAM - Cancun- Trip#1

Description: Because of Cancun’s proximity to some of the world’s most renowned ruins, this trip will focus on the region’s Mayan culture. This exciting trip will feature some of the most famous and breathtaking Mayan sites in the region, including Tulum, the only Mayan site situated oceanfront. We will also visit the Cancun Maya Museum and Coba, home to Nohoch Mul, the tallest Mayan pyramid in the Yucatan. Visitors will have the chance to climb Nohoch Mul for an incredible 360 view of the Mayan jungle. 

On this trip guests will be able to experience the beauty of the Mayan jungle, its ancient archeological sites, cenotes, as well as experience the mouthwatering local cuisine of the Yucatan region – a mix of Mexican, Mayan, Spanish and Caribbean ingredients and techniques all rolled into one.


DAY 1 – Sunday, September 14



Check out of Cancun hotel

Pick up times will be coordinated depending on your hotel

Check in to the Westin Resort & Spa Cancun

Transfer to and visit Tulum

This pre-Columbian Maya walled city sits on tall cliffs and is the only Mayan ruin to reside along the coast. The Tulum beach is also one of the most beautiful in the destination.



Visit the Cancun Maya Museum

The Cancun Mayan Museum opened its doors on November 1, 2012. The museum is home to 350 archeological artifacts that took 30 years of research to procure, and includes relics that have never been shown as well as other that were discovered in recent excavations. The San Miguelito archeological site, inhabited over 800 years ago, is located next to the museum and is also available to the public. With three exhibition halls, the museum offers a glimpse into ancient Mayan life, its people and the cultural influence they had and still have over the Cancun area.



Welcome dinner at Sea & Stones

Sea & Stones offers a truly unique experience: meals custom-cooked on hot stones, then enjoyed under a traditional palapa (straw hut) on the beach with delicious sangria or other local cocktails, plus stunning views of the Caribbean and Cancun.


DAY 2 – Monday, September 15



Cultural Mayaville excursion with Alltournative

There was a time, when the Maya civilization was set on the Peninsula of Yucatan and their power last from the III to the IX Century. Their cultural legacy was transmitted from one generation to the next one, adapting to the present life. The Coba Mayaville experience serves to unveil the Maya culture and share traditions of these ancient people. Visit the archaeological site of Coba, and discover the amazing Nohoch Muul pyramid, the tallest in the Yucatan Peninsula from where you will have stunning views of the jungle. Visit a secluded Maya family set in Laguna Chabela. Then visit Tres Reyes, an authentic Maya village, where you can learn about their natural reserve that protects local flora and fauna. Swim in an incredible Cenote in Esmeralda and enjoy a meal of typical food, soft drinks and hand-made tortillas.



Transfer to dinner at local restaurant specializing in Mexican/Yucatecan fare


DAY 3 – Tuesday, September 16


Temazcal treatment at the Westin

Experience the art of the ancient Mayan steam bath at the Westin’s authentic Temazcal. A temazcal is a traditional Mexican steam bath and takes place in a round or domed structure made of stone or mud.


Check out        Host Hotel


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Transportation: All provided by Cancun Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Physical restrictions: Participants should advise if they have any physical disabilities.

Dietary restrictions/food allergies: Participants should advise if they have any dietary restrictions or food allergies.

Number of maximum participants: 10