Adventure in Puerto Morelos

Name of Tour: Adventure in Puerto Morelos

Location: Puerto Morelos

Date: September 14 – 16, 2015

Puerto Morelos

Description: This action-packed trip will feature a variety of adventure activities like zip lining through the Mayan jungle and swimming in the crystal waters of cenotes. Because Puerto Morelos is the largest and most important sea port in the state of Quintana Roo and it is in close proximity to the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef – the second largest in the world – this trip will also include a fishing expedition in the waters of Cancun. Guests will also explore the popular port, which has lots of restaurants, cafes and local shops. Guests will be invited to stay at one of the region’s best luxury resorts.


DAY 1 – Sunday, September 14



Check-out of Cancun hotel

Pick up times will be coordinated depending on your hotel

Arrive at Puerto Morelos and check in to new hotel

Fishing expedition at Marina El Cid

The Puerto Morelos Sportfishing Fleet, located at Marina El Cid Cancun, offers first-rate fishing charters. Cancun is known as “One of The Sailfish Hot Spots of the World.” Due to the area’s unique topography, the sandy shallows immediately give way to deeper waters, bringing Deepwater game fish practically right up to the shore. Just minutes after setting out from El Cid Marina Cancun, fishing charters reach prime sport fishing territory.



Pickup for transfer to Selvatica for adventure excursion

Enjoy an 8 zip line circuit, cross 7 aerial bridges, ride a Polaris Ranger RZR through the Mayan jungle and finish the day by relaxing, swimming and jumping in the emerald green waters of a cenote.



Dinner at host hotel


DAY 2 – Monday, September 15



Xenotes Oasis Maya excursion at Xcaret

The Xenotes Oasis Maya Tour guides guests to four different centoes in one day and offers a unique experience of nature and mysticism. Each cenote is associated with the four elements of nature and their Mayan origins: K’aak of Fire, Ha’ or Water, Lik’ of Wind and Lu’um of Earth.


Small tour and dinner at local restaurant in Downtown Puerto Morelos


DAY 3 – Tuesday, September 16


Check out        Host Hotel


Pickup times will vary depending on your flight time




Transportation: All provided by Cancun Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Physical restrictions: Participants should advise if they have any physical disabilities.

Dietary restrictions/food allergies: Participants should advise if they have any dietary restrictions or food allergies.

Number of maximum participants: 10