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Welcome to Speed Networking at TBEX

We are excited to be hosting TBEX Europe ’14 in Athens, Greece. We will be providing our attendees with an opportunity to connect with each other through the use of BloggerBridge. You will have received a welcome letter, and before you dive in, we would like you to review this guide.

You will be able to access Speed Networking at https://tbex.bloggerbridge.com/

Creating Your Profile Requesting Appointments Accepting Appointments Connect With Bloggers

Creating Your Profile

1. Create Your Password

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have registered for the conference you will already have an account. DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT, you will be creating a second account that is not active. Go to the link below and enter the email you registered with. You will be sent an email with a link that will allow you to create your new password (this email link is on a timer so if you do not reset your password within an hour, you will need to request the reset email again). Please note that if you registered multiple people under the same email, you will need to contact us at registration@tbexcon.com to setup your account. Each attendee needs a unique email address.



Click on the link in the email you receive and you will be taken to this page where you will create your password. Once you have created your profile, you will be redirected to your account.


2. Update your Profile

The first thing you will want to do upon accessing your account is update your profile. You can do so under the “My Profile” tab.


Once you click the “My Profile” tab, you will be taken to your profile home. From this page you will see options to the right where you can update your profile.


When you click on “Update Profile”, you will be able to update the following information. City, State and Country will be searchable.

  • Picture – Choose a square picture at least 200×200 pixels for best results
  • Login
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • About Me
  • Address 1 (private) – please note that your address will also be used to calculate proximity under the “Near Address” option listed below under the search functions
  • Address 2 (private)
  • City
  • State
  • Postal Code
  • Country

3. Add Your Blog Information

Important Note: Your Page Rank and Alexa score will be automatically pulled once you setup your blog. This is public information that is already viewable by outside parties. This adds tools for Companies to help find bloggers that they would like to work with.

If you included a blog in your registration profile, it will automatically be added to new accounts. To make any changes to the profile, you can select the EDIT option under the blogs tab.

Once you have setup your main profile, there are a few more sections you will want to fill out. Click on the “Add New Blog”. This will allow you to add all of your blogs that you want to be listed with your profile.


You will be asked for the following information when adding your blog.

  • Name
  • Logo – you can add a screenshot or logo of your blog if you want
  • URL – use http format (i.e. https://tbexcon.com)
  • Description
  • RSS
  • Language
  • Year Started

4. Add Tags for Your Blogs

Once you have added your blog, you will want to add tags. You are allowed up to 20 tags. Please add tags for the primary destinations and topics your blog covers. This is very important, as this is one of the primary search filters Companies will use to decide whether to connect.


5. Add Google Analytics (optional)

Important Note: This step is optional, but providing as much data as possible will give Companies the information they need to decide if the would like to meet with you. If you do provide this data, it is only visible by Companies, and not by Bloggers.

By authorizing BloggerBridge to access your Google Analytics account , your monthly page views and visits to your blog will be verified and displayed to Companies Only. If you do not wish to authorize BloggerBridge to access your Google Analytics account, you may still use the system to set up appointments and meet with sponsors. Keep in mind that you may be asked to independently verify your stats.


  • Step One – Log into your Google Analytics account.
  • Step Two – Select your blog and then click on the ‘My Dashboard’ page for your blog.
  • Step Three – Copy and paste the URL for your ‘My Dashboard’ page into the form below and press continue.
  • Step Four – You will be redirected to Google Analytics to allow read only access to the stats for your blog. Click ‘approved’
  • Step Five – Enter the URL for your Google Analytics Dashboard Page and click Continue

Important Note: Use http format (i.e. https://tbexcon.com) for any URL requests.

6. Add Social Media Accounts

Important Note: Your Twitter followers and Klout score will be automatically pulled if you list your Twitter Accounts. This is public information that is already viewable by outside parties. This adds another tool for Companies to help find bloggers that they would like to work with.

After adding your blogs, the next step is to add your Social Media Accounts. You can add as many accounts as you like. Click on “Create Account” to add new accounts.


  • Social Network – Facebook, Facebook Page, Flickr, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube
  • Name
  • URL – use http format (i.e. https://tbexcon.com)

7. Setup Your Products and Services

Products and Services is where you are willing to provide to Companies. This information is only viewable by Companies, and will help to ensure that your meetings will be valuable to both parties.


List of Products & Services:
  • I Accept Guest Posts
  • I Accept Pitches for Partnership Opportunities
  • I Participate in Press/FAM Trips
  • I Provide Consulting
  • I Review Books
  • I Review Hotels
  • I Review Products
  • I Sell Article Links
  • I Sell Audio Podcast Pre/Post/Placements Ads
  • I Sell Banner Ads
  • I Sell Site Links
  • I Sell Video Pre/Post/Placements Ads
  • I Write Guest Articles
  • I Write Sponsored Posts
  • I want my profile visible to other bloggers at TBEX Europe 2014
  • I will meet companies at TBEX Europe 2014

Important Note: The last two options are important. The second to the last will control your visibility to other bloggers, this defaults to off (opt-out). If you do not want your profile to be visible to other bloggers you can leave this as opted out. To connect with other Bloggers via messaging, you will need to opt-in. The last option controls your participation in both Speed Networking. This is defaulted to on, if you do not want to participate in Speed Networking, you can opt out by unchecking this option

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Requesting Appointments

1. Return to Your Dashboard to Begin Requesting Appointments

Your dashboard will show all appointments you have scheduled and any open slots. If you do not want block off slots, click on the “Available” button in the time slot to toggle between Available and Reserved.9_Bloggers_Dashboard_01

2. View Sponsors, PR & Industry Companies

Click on the Companies tab to view all of the Sponsors, PR & Industry Companies available for meetings.11_Bloggers_Companies_01

3. Select a Company You Would Like to View

You can click on a company to view their company and representative profiles.12_Bloggers_SelectCompany_01

4. Request a Meeting

Request a meeting by selecting the “Invite” button. You also have the option of sending them a message if you want to communicate before requesting an appointment.

Once you have submitted an invitation, you will receive a confirmation at the top of your screen stating that it was done.

Important Note: The party receiving the meeting invitation will be able to set the time slot based on both parties availability.

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Accepting Appointments

1. View Invitations Received

Click on Invitations Received to view all meeting requests submitted by Sponsors, PR & Industry representatives.

2. Accept/Decline Invitation

You can accept or decline directly from this screen. You can also click on the company logo to view their company profile before deciding.

3. If Accepting, Select A Time Slot for Your Meeting

Click on the “Choose” button within your preferred time slot. The listed time slots are based upon both your and the requestee’s availability.

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Connect With Bloggers

1. Select The Users Tab

You can send messages to other Bloggers who have opted-in to letting their profiles be visible to other Bloggers. Please note that you cannot request meetings with other bloggers.

2. Use Search Filters to Narrow Your Search


We provide a robust search tool to help narrow your search. You can search by any of the metrics below, and combinations of metrics. Just switch tabs and add additional search requirements to narrow down your search. You also have the option of sorting by these metrics.

  • Bloggers who – you can search by products and services bloggers are offering
  • who blog about – you can search by any tags bloggers have used to describe their blogs. This includes destinations, and blog niches.
  • Start Year on or before
Location(Physical location of the blogger)
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Near Address – proximity determined by the address provided (actual address not displayed – example: Statue of Liberty)
Keyword(You can search by keyword in any of these fields)
  • Name
  • Company
  • Email
  • Minimum PR – Google Page Rank
  • Minimum Page Views – This will only be visible if the blogger has authorized Google Analytics which is optional
  • Maximum Alexa
Social Media
  • Minimum Twitter Followers
  • Minimum Facebook Likes
  • Minimum Klout Score
Places(search by destinations they cover)

The search will display key information, but you can also click on their Name to view their complete profile.3. Send a MessageSelect the “Message” button and you will be taken to the message page. From here you can send a message directly to another blogger.

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