Post Processing: How to Make Good Photos Great Photos


This workshop will focus on some simple tools and techniques for improving photos using computer editing software. We’ll demonstrate, using photos taken by TBEX participants at the pre-TBEX photo walk, how some simple editing techniques can improve nearly any photo.

We’ll cover:

  • Very simple post processing with free tools and how to make an image better in a couple of minutes
  • Explanation of advanced techniques and tools
  • Creative cropping and horizon management
  • Options for apps to use for photo processing, from basic/free to more advanced/pay
  • How to make the images in your posts pop in just a couple of minutes
  • How to level an image
  • How to present the same image in multiple ways
  • Basic techniques that can be built upon to improve your photography editing skills
  • How to find a style and stick with it in a post.
  • Easy mistakes to avoid when post-processing