Airport Shuttle Directions

(Check In Procedures)

Shuttle Reservations:

Denver International Airport: Colorado Mountain Express

Upon arrival at the Denver International Airport, everyone will be taken to the Main Terminal Building via a short train ride.  Once at the Main terminal, you will follow the signs to Baggage Claim to pick up your baggage.  Proceed up the escalator to level 5 to check in at the Colorado Mountain Express counter located opposite of the tram drop-off.  You must check in at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled departure times.

Premier Reservations:

Denver International Airport:

Once you have retrieved your luggage in baggage claim you may check in at our counter located in the ground transportation area or you may call the premier hotline.  The toll free number is 877-949-4227.  The dispatcher will have the driver pull up to the door closest to where you have collected your luggage.

Chartered Vans:

Denver International Airport:

Guests should collect their luggage and then check in at the counter