Are You Taking Great Pictures with your iPhone?


You should be.

We all know that we have a better camera on our phone than most people ever owned even a few years ago. We all know that we are sharing those images, and we all know that images engage far better on Facebook, and are what make Pinterest and Instagram so insanely popular.

Most of us are very intentional with the stories our words and pictures are telling on our blogs, but sometimes we take our mobile photography a little less seriously. We shouldn’t.

Here’s why: all those images are part of your brand, part of the story you are telling as a travel blogger. Many people follow their favorite bloggers far more closely and consistently on social media; they are getting the minute-by-minute part of your story as it happens through your images.

And so, of course, you need to think about what story you are telling with those images that you are snapping with your iPhone. Is it the story you want to tell?

The good news is – it’s not hard to tell your story, with great images, right from your iPhone. Mostly what you need is to take just a little extra time and care. And, of course, the right tools are a huge help.

So let’s start with where you are. Take a minute right now to pull up your Instagram profile (or your Facebook or Google+ photo feed). Look at that grid of pictures. What does it say? Is there any sort of consistent theme – perhaps that you enjoy adventure, or that you’re the life of the party, or that you love selfies? Think about that as it relates to your brand – are you saying what you want to say?

TBEX insta SBJ


Now, think about your favorite people to follow for their images. Here are a few of my favorites with an emphasis on travel:

TBEX insta collage


Pull up any of these feeds and it’s clear what these bloggers are doing. The scenery may change, but the feel, the brand, the story, is consistent. The other thing they all have in common? They are telling their stories with beautiful, compelling images – taken with their iPhones.

Don’t you want to do that as well? Sure you do! Remember…it’s not even that difficult!

Now that it’s settled, make plans to join me to talk about iPhoneography at TBEX:Athens, where we will get into the nuts and bolts of advanced iPhone photography. We’ll learn helpful techniques and tools to make those images tell your story clearly and beautifully.

And to get us all thinking about and working on our iPhone photography skills before then, I’d love for you to join me in a week-long photo challenge during the first week of October. Post a picture taken with your iPhone along the theme each day with the hashtag #TBEXiPICS, in addition to the usual #TBEX hashtag. You might even see some of your images in my session!


TBEX photo challenge


Author Bio:  Sarabeth Jones is a creative at Fellowship North who enjoys all kinds of artistic work: writing, directing, acting, design, photography, and the occasional flash mob. Her personal stage is her blog, where life is series of scenes: some with fabulous costumes, some with witty lines, and some that should probably be edited out. She lives in Arkansas with her husband and 3 kids and loves to write about they way they make her laugh, whether they are traveling the world or living the #DogtownLife at home.  At TBEX Athens, Sarabeth will be leading a session on iphonography and some of the advance techiques that you may not yet have discovered.

More Great Speakers at TBEX Athens

parthenon athens

We’ve got some more great speakers to announce today and we hope you’ll want to join us in Athens to see them on the TBEX stage. There’s still time to register and take advantage of all the educational and networking opportunity and, of course, all the fun. See you there!

Andrew Dobson

Andrew Dobson is a full time travel writer who has visited over 60 countries. He regularly finds himself on the road visiting two to three destinations a month. Based in Toronto, he manages his blog dobbernationLOVES full time while also regularly contributing to Metro Newspaper Canada, XTRA Newspaper, The Vancouver Sun and Eat In Eat Out Magazine. Andrew is known as an expert in branded storytelling working as an ambassador for brands such as Canada Beef, Canon, Rough Guides, DK Eyewitness Travel, Stoli Vodka, Pilsner Urquell and Ford. His blog was acquired by Metro Newspaper in February 2014.

Andrew will speaking on How to Monetize your Culinary Content.

Carol Cain

Carol Cain is a former PR Pro turned award-winning travel and food blogger. She enjoys sharing her adventures, with or without her beautiful family in tow, in the hopes of inspiring and motivating others to travel. Originally from Brooklyn, Carol has studied and lived abroad, experiences that have nourished her wanderlust. Her travel stories have appeared in publications for Expedia Viewfinder, Forbes Travel Guide, American Airlines, G Adventures, as well as New York Family and Better Homes and Gardens magazines. She has appeared on broadcast outlets for both Spanish and English media, including Telemundo, CBS, NBC, and ABC.

Carol will be speaking on Building and Maintaing Online Credibility

Ciaran Blumenfield

Ciaran Blumenfeld is a full time marketer and co-founder of, a popular hashtag analytics service widely used in the travel industry. She is also the creator of, a popular family lifestyle blog offering travel advice. Ciaran enjoys a large and engaged social following across multiple networks. She is fairly obsessed with hashtags. Ciaran’s talents like in digital storytelling and helping brands, bloggers and individuals make powerful, authentic connections. When she’s not working on new technology and innovative client marketing campaigns, her passions are family travel and photograpy.

Ciaran will be speaking on Harnessing Hashtags for Bloggers and Content Providers.

Jennifer Leo

Jen Leo writes the nationally syndicated Web Buzz column for the Los Angeles Times, and has her own site, for curated travel deals to Las Vegas, SoCal, Hawaii and her personal favorite travel theme — family travel. She co-hosts the popular podcast “This Week in Travel,” available on iTunes. Jen co-founded, a website that reviews children’s iPhone/iPad apps and edited the award-winning five-book “Sand in My Bra” travel humor series with Travelers’ Tales. Find Jen on Twitter (@jenleo) where she co-hosts family travel focused Twitter parties.

Jen will be speaking on How to Get the Most out of TBEX (or any event).

Jason Falls

Jason Falls is a leading digital strategist, author, speaker and thinker in the digital and social media marketing industry. His strategies and ideas have touched iconic brands like General Motors, AT&T, Maker’s Mark, Humana and Cafepress among others.  Jason leads digital strategy for Elasticity, an innovative agency that blends public relations, social media, mobile and SEO to help brands adjust and excel in an ever-changing marketing landscape. He is the co-author of two books and founder of, one of the industry’s most widely read blogs.

Jason will be speaking on The Convergence Imperative: How Social, Content and PR Combine For Marketing Success On and Offline.

Paul Lasley

Paul Lasley, along with Elizabeth Harryman, create half hour radio shows and podcasts on travel topics every day which are distributed globally on satellite by American Forces Radio Network. They air daily in 180 countries to an audience in excess of 2 million with a goal to help listeners travel better, smarter, cheaper and have fun. They also produce and voice a one-minute travel feature for AFRN. Airing several times a day it includes news and information on travel and travel related subjects. Podcasts are available at

Paul will be speaking on The Making of a Podcast (we’ll do it live).

Sara Robles Romero

Sara Robles Romero is a hands-on solutions provider, using Social Media to deliver happiness, and managing blogger relationships for Tourism and Technology companies.

Sara will be co-presenting on Brand Partnerships: Before You Think Big, Think Medium.

Tammilee Tillison

Tammilee Tillison is a professional US blogger that resides in the state of Washington. Using her Masters of Business Administration degree, Tammilee has moved from the corporate world to the blogging world with smooth and accurate precision. In a few short years her blog has grown and thrived in the competitive blogging world. Tammilee Tips receives over 500K page views a month and has readers in over 170 countries. Her social media outreach encompasses over 250K fans. Tammilee has a passion for food, travel and helping others. She shares all of her knowledge and personal stories daily at

Tammilee will be speaking on Building a Blogging Business: Getting it Done Every Single Day.

Tom Martin

Tom is a no nonsense, straight-talking 20-year veteran of the advertising and marketing business who favors stiff drinks, good debates and helping destinations grow their visitation. As an internationally recognized digital marketing keynote speaker, blogger, founder of Converse Digital, and Author of The Invisible Sale, Tom marries his two passions, marketing & technology, to teach travel marketers how to leverage digital marketing channels to achieve and sustain sales growth, enhance brand perception and painlessly prospect for new visitors. His first book, The Invisible Sale, is available for sale at Follow him on Twitter @TomMartin or contact him at

Tom will be speaking on Propinquity: Leveraging the Secret Science of Relationship Formation to Grow Your Sales.

Dragon Slaying Lessons for Travel Bloggers


Are you running your business or is your business running you? Is your blog contributing real money to your earnings or does it seem destined to always be a sideline hobby?

Tim LeffelMost likely the answers to those two questions depend a whole lot on how much you get done each day when you open up that laptop. Do you use it to slay dragons or do you use it as your virtual water cooler?

“Slay your dragons first” is a common piece of productivity advice that applies across most jobs, but is especially key for anyone who is self-employed, like your typical travel blogger. It generally means to get your most important work of the day done in the morning before you do anything else, but if you’re at your most productive at night, then become a noctural dragon slayer instead, putting on your night vision goggles and seeking out signs of fire. The key is knowing which accomplishments have the most impact on your business and giving them priority over everything else.

A Velvet Rope To-Do List

In practice, this means having a to-do list, of course, but one that puts highly leveraged and high-impact tasks in a class of their own. Maybe there are 20 things you hope to get done tomorrow, but there are likely two on that list that will truly move your business forward. Meeting a freelance article deadline perhaps, or getting that guest post done you promised two weeks ago. Often it’s getting your latest blog post published and making sure it’s as good as it can be. Or perhaps it’s nailing down an ad agreement or following up with that promising contact you made at last week’s trade show. It could be a media interview where you’re the subject or one where you’re interviewing someone else to meet a freelance deadline.

In every case, the key one to three tasks per day that really matter are the ones that shouldn’t be postponed, delegated, or phoned in. Since we’re all content creators, there’s your first sign of importance: taking the time to create good content nearly always needs to be near the top of the list. Without income, your business whithers and dies, so tending the relationship with anyone who is paying you is also a high-impact, leveraged activity. Third, communicating with the people who allow you to get more done in a day is also an activity that creates tremendous leverage, so keep contacts with assistants and freelancers who may work for you in that high priority section as well. Last, there are long-term projects that require long-term focus over multiple days or weeks, such as books, presentations, partnership proposals, and feature articles. Carve out distraction-free time for those.

If the items on your list don’t fit into one of these four categories, they can probably slide. If your time is worth $40 an hour and you can hire someone else to do the same job for $8 an hour or less, it’s downright dumb to be spending time on those tasks. You can outsource nearly anything that meets this criteria, or at least postpone it to a less busy day. I’m not saying these things don’t have some marginal impact on your future, just that spending more than a fraction of your day on any of them is probably not a very good use of your time. It’s like using Excalibur to kill 20 rodents instead of going after the glory.

Are You Spending Time on Things That Matter?

Here are the questions to ask yourself for each item on your list that you want to get done tomorrow or this week.

  1. Is there a good chance it will earn me substantial revenue now or in the future?
  2. Will it help my relationship with someone who is paying me?
  3. Will it serve and grow my audience on a long-term basis?
  4. Will this promotion action send more than a smattering of visitors to my site?
  5. Will spending an hour on this accomplish any more than spending 10 minutes on it?
  6. Could I pay someone far less than I am earning (or deserve to earn) for this task?
  7. Is this something I’m doing because of a real business need rather than just because I think it’s fun?

Once you’ve applied these questions to your list and have your “yes” answer ones starred or circled, turn off anything that is going to interrupt your concentration so you can get real work done. Close e-mail. Close every social media platform. Turn off Skype. Turn off your phone. Those are sending you other peoples’ priorities and they can all wait.

Now do real work for two or three hours until you’ve really accomplished something substantial.

After that you can go visit that virtual water cooler, go for a walk, have a leisurely lunch, hit the gym, or go to happy hour. If you go knock some lesser things off your list, fine. But if you get nothing else done today besides these one to three key tasks, it’s not going to matter much. You’ve got a couple dragon heads to display and your business is moving forward.

Author Bio:  Tim Leffel is the publisher of Al Centro Media, a collection of six travel websites and blogs, including the Cheapest Destinations Blog (established 2003) and the award-wnning narrative site Perceptive Travel (established 2006). He’s also the author of five books. Tim will be discussing specific tactics for becoming a more productive blogger and writer at TBEX Europe 2014 in Athens.




Apply Now for a Day on the MSC Fantasia

pool on MSC Fantasia

Whether you’re already a fan of cruising, or perhaps just want to learn what’s so appealing about this mode of travel, bloggers attending TBEX will have an opportunity to get up close and personal with MSC Cruises during a shipboard visit to the MSC Fantasia.

The MSC Fantasia will be in port while we’re in Athens for TBEX, and our sponsors MSC Cruises have planned a wonderful day onboard. Visitors will meet the ship’s staff, have a tour of the ship’s kitchen, enjoy a tasty and lunch, and learn about how the ship functions. You will have some additional time to set up shipboard interviews, research additional story angles, or just enjoy some onboard relaxation time.

MSC is a proud sponsor of TBEX and this is a great opportunity to learn why they value relationships with bloggers and to assess potential partnership opportunities.

Applications must be filled out ONE FOR EACH PERSON interested in participating in the ship visit. There is no couple/group application form. Participation is limited to bloggers only, no +1 guests.

Date: October 23rd

Time: Transportation will depart the Megaron Center at 8 am and return at 3 pm. (NOTE: You will return in ample time for the opening night party at Technopolis.)

Deadline: Applications close at midnight on Thursday, October 2nd.

Apply here!

Utilizing Instagram Video to Enhance Your Culinary Content


Editor’s Note:  You may have spotted Andrew at TBEX in Toronto when he presented a talk entitled “A Taste of Place: Defining a Destination Through Its Food Culture.” Andrew follows up with his return to TBEX Athens via “How to Monetize Your Culinary Content.” 

When I spoke at TBEX in Toronto the last few slides of my presentation focused on highlighting brands I had worked with in the past to enhance my culinary content. What I found most interesting is that during the Q & A (as well as numerous private chats which took place throughout the conference) bloggers and PR pros were most keen to learn more about this facet of my work.

In many ways my presentation at TBEX Athens is a “Part 2” to my culinary tourism presentation in Toronto and specifically offers intermediate/advanced level bloggers a look into branded storytelling with a culinary twist. I’ll be using a case study approach to highlight four of my favourite collaborations, each brand representing a different industry: Canada Beef Inc (agriculture), Canon Cameras (tech), Pilsner Urquell (beverage) and Rough Guides (publishing).

Today I wanted to highlight an aspect of my work that I won’t have an opportunity to discuss during my session at Athens: utilizing instagram video to enhance your culinary content. I embed instagram video into all of my destination guides online and also use the online media platform for stories I write for Metro Newspaper Canada. These quick 15 second videos offer readers an audio visual glimpse into a particular event or experience which adds value to the copy and pictures you’ve provided, the heart of your story.

I currently use an iPhone 5S to shoot, and typically film anywhere from 10-15 video clips during a particular event. Once home I edit my video together using Cute CUT App, exporting to my Camera Roll as one file. I then upload to instagram and share via Twitter, Facebook and my blog. Here are three recent examples of how I’ve worked with beverage brands to highlight a food and drink experience.

Stoli Vodka at World Pride

This past June Toronto was the host of World Pride. I was thrilled to act as the Latvian-based vodka producers ambassador at the festival and produced a sponsored story for the brand, Rainbow High at World Pride Toronto. Stoli hosted an opening night party for the festival at Pravda Vodka Bar featuring a VIP Stoli cocktail party featuring table-top dancing and live Russian band.

Grolsch at the Toronto International Film Festival

Each September I acted as Metro Newspaper Canada’s reporter at the Toronto International Film Festival. Grolsch is the official beer sponsor of the festival and each year the beer brand hosts a fabulous al fresco concert series in the heart of TIFF-town. Beer fans gather for a string of free concerts while mix and mingling through art installations. The brands iconic green bottles with spring cap are served up ice cold at the bar.

Pilsner Urquell at Taste of Toronto

Pilsner Urquell was the official beer sponsor for this summers inaugural Taste of Toronto, which was hosted at historic Fort York in July. I traveled with the beer brand last Fall to Czech Republic and wrote a story for the Vancouver Sun, “Beer Tour: From Pilsen to Prague.”

Pilsner Urquell hosted a special Keepers of the Craft session for VIPs on the Saturday of the festival. Chef Grant Van Gameren at Bar Isabel was recently awarded Canada’s Best New Restaurant by Air Canada’s enRoute Magazine and spent the afternoon inspiring his eager audience to produce the perfect Spanish pintxo.


Author bio:  Andrew Dobson is a full time travel writer who has visited over 60 countries. He regularly finds himself on the road visiting two to three destinations a month. Based in Toronto, he manages his blog dobbernationLOVES full time while also regularly contributing to Metro Newspaper Canada, XTRA Newspaper, The Vancouver Sun and Eat In Eat Out Magazine. 
Andrew is known as an expert in branded storytelling working as an ambassador for brands such as Canada Beef, Canon, Rough Guides, DK Eyewitness Travel, Stoli Vodka, Pilsner Urquell and Ford. His blog was acquired by Metro Newspaper in February 2014.


TBEX: What’s That?


Ironically, the first time I heard about TBEX was just after it had wrapped up in my hometown of Toronto in June 2013. One of the bloggers I was following had attended and written about it. Although it would have been economical for me to attend, since it was in my own backyard, it was too early as I hadn’t yet launched my blog, BigTravelNut, a website about budget travel for women. It wasn’t until the second time that I heard about it , that I decided to seriously consider joining hundreds of other bloggers and travel industry professionals at TBEX.

In the fall of 2013, I was told by Mike Richard of Vagabondish that bloggers’ conferences are a good place to meet lots of people and find business opportunities – even relatively young bloggers (less than a year old) could snatch sponsored activities or trips through speed networking. Soon after, I subscribed to the TBEX newsletter. I looked forward to the announcement of a TBEX conference in 2014, and in early April I decided to lock in the super early bird price and booked myself a spot at TBEX Athens!

acropolis parthenon athens greece

Not only will this be my first TBEX conference, it will be my first bloggers’ conference.

Getting Ready – Plan and network

As the date draws nearer, there are many things for me to do to prepare for a travel blogging conference like TBEX. I’ve already designed new business cards for my blog. My next step is to put together a media kit (both online and in print).

This worries me a bit, as my numbers (from Google Analytics and social media) are not where I would like them to be. They are gradually and consistently inching up, but not fast enough. It is tempting to get discouraged when you see other bloggers’ numbers, but there is nothing I like more than travelling and writing so I have decided to take it as far as it can go!

I also plan to establish clear goals for the conference. This shouldn’t be too difficult: learn as much as possible about the business of blogging, meet new people, and try to establish a few partnerships with people in the travel industry. How often do you get dozens of representatives from travel companies and tourism boards all in one room? Even though you do “meet” a lot of people online through comments, e-mails and social media when you’re a blogger, nothing beats meeting people in person and establishing real relationships. I believe this is the quickest way of becoming known and being remembered: good ol’ fashion face-to-face meetings. Attending a conference also proves that you’re serious about your craft and can help distinguish you from the hobbyists.

Building Anticipation

I have already signed up for a pre-conference day-trip, Cultural and Culinary Sailing in the Saronic Sea. This will be my third time in one of the world’s oldest countries but attending the conference gives me reason to explore a new area of Greece I haven’t yet explored. Cape Sounio is high on my list.

I expect the conference itself to be exciting but exhausting. As an introvert, large crowds and noisy environments sap my energy, so I will need to make sure to get a lot of sleep and find a way to take quiet breaks every now and then to re-energize myself. I have heard many people say that they came out of TBEX buzzing with new ideas and renewed energy. I really hope this will be the push I need to take my blog to the next level, to create better articles, grow my traffic, and monetize.

Athens here I come!

Author Bio:  Marie-France Roy is a travel blogger, freelance writer , photographer, and member of Travel Massive (a TBEX partner). Her blog, BigTravelNut focuses on budget and independent travel for women. Since 1992, she has travelled to 55 countries and seven continents. She officially resides in Toronto, Canada, but now spends about six months of the year abroad. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

A Peek at the Athens FAM Trips


Epirus: Tradition in Harmony with Nature

The region of Epirus is rich both in history and also in terms of its offerings to visitors. The prefectures of Arta, Ioannina, Preveza, and Thesprotia compose Epirus. The Pindus Mountains divide Epirus from the Greek regions of Thessaly and Macedonia to the east. The main city in Epirus is Ioannina, with some 100,000 residents. One of the most famous regions is Zagorochoria, a cluster of over 40 villages, located amphitheatrically on the slopes of Mount Mitsikeli, Tymfi, and Pindos. These villages are characteristic due to their stone architecture and slate roof. In addition, the greater region is filled with traditional stone arched bridges, many of which are quite well-preserved. The Vikos Gorge, one of the deepest worldwide, is 20km in length and is a natural wonder. The region of Epirus, due to its rich natural environment, is ideal for a host of outdoor activities, ranging from skiing, hiking, rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, and more. To discover this region, apply for the Epirus fam trip here:

Meteora: Monastic Mysticism in an Iconic Landscape

Meteora (in top photo) is the second most important group of monasteries in Greece (after Mount Athos), and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. What makes Meteora unique is the fact that the monasteries are built on top of unique rock formations, making the monasteries appear to be located “sky-high”. These monasteries have a history that goes back to the 11th century, when a group of hermit monks first moved there. These monks wanted spiritual isolation and pure tranquility. Six Monasteries today are open for visitors, these are: the Holy Monastery of the Great Meteoron, the Holy Monastery of Varlaam, the Holy Monastery of Saint Stephen, the Holy Trinity Monastery, the Holy Monastery of Saint Nicolas Anapafsas and the Holy Monastery Roussanou/St. Barbara. To discover this region, apply for the Meteora fam trip here.

Pelion: For Mountain & Sea Enthusiasts

Pelion, also known as the mountain of Centaurs, is located in central Greece. It is unique in Greece in that it offers both proximity to the sea and the mountains. Pelion has 24 traditional villages, which have unique Pelion-style architecture. The town of Volos, with approximately 144,000 inhabitants, is coastal and is known for its tsipouradika—tavernas which serve meze and tsipouro. The Pelion region is famous for its lush vegetation, rich orchards with vegetables and fruits, and forests with streams running through it. This is a year-round destination that one can visit during all seasons, and activities such as hiking, horseback-riding, skiing, swimming, and even mushroom picking are popular. To discover this region, apply for the Pelion fam trip here.

Peloponnese: Ancient History &  World-Famous Local Products

The Peloponnese is a vast region, which takes up most of the Southern part of Greece. It has a rich history and is home to archaeological sites and monuments from different historical periods. Of key importance in this region is the Mani peninsula, which located on the second (middle) leg of the Peloponnese. Mani is famous for its well-preserved medieval tower houses and fortresses. The medieval castle town of Monemvasia is one of the most impressive monuments in Greece. The city of Kalamata is a beautiful coastal town with the view of the Taygetos Mountains in the background and is famous for its olive oil. The Peloponnese is also famous for its wine-making, with a long tradition and is the largest such wine-making area in Greece. To discover this region, apply for the Peloponnese fam trip here.

Thessaloniki: A Vibrant and Multicultural City

Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece. It is an urban center that possesses a large student population. The city is well-known for its festivals, and vibrant art and cultural events, as well as for being a food mecca—many argue that the best food in Greece can be found in Thessaloniki. The food highlights the city’s multiethnic history and there are a plethora of options available, from informal eateries to gourmet restaurants. Thessaloniki is European Youth Capital for 2014 and hosts the International Film Festival, which is the premier film festival in the Southeastern Europe region. Thessaloniki also has a variety of archaeological sites, as well as Byzantine and Ottoman monuments that are open to the public. To discover this region, apply for the Thessaloniki fam trip here.

The deadline to apply for these FAM trips is Friday, September 19th, at midnight, Pacific Time. Our hosts in Athens advise that bloggers will be notified of their selection for the trips next week. Remember, you must be registered to be eligible to participate in a FAM trip, so if you’ve been putting it off, head on over to register today.


Hasta Luego Cancun

Cancun registration

With its warmth of spirit, as well as temperature, Cancun welcomed TBEX attendees to sample its hospitality and culture during a week of TBEX activities and events. Whether you did it all, filling your schedule with as many activities as possible, or enjoyed a slower pace from a hammock or by the pool, we hope you leave TBEX with new friendships, deeper knowledge, opportunities aplenty, and maybe a few selfies.

We want to know what you thought about TBEX Cancun. If you write a blog post about the conference itself, one of the sessions or speakers, about an activity or trip, or just about what you discovered in the Cancun area, we want to know about it. This post will serve as a list of links to stories coming out of TBEX Cancun. Although we try to keep an eye out for the stories, you can help us out by emailing your link to Mary Jo or Stevie (no need to send to both) and we’ll get it added to the post. Or, you can leave your link in the comments and we’ll add it to the post and then delete the comment.

A big thanks go out to our hosts, Cancun CVB and Moon Palace Resort, for making our time in Cancun so enjoyable. Hasta luego, Cancun, we look forward to seeing you again.

And thanks to all of you for coming to TBEX North America 2014. We hope to see you again next year!

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  50. YOU


Live from TBEX Cancun: #TravelSkills Chat


Are you a travel blogger or someone who dreams of being one?

If yes, then pop in on our “pop-up” #TravelSkills chat with @Gogo TOMORROW at 8 am CT (9 am ET).

Topic:  How to Live the Life of a travel blogger!

Chris and Johnny are live at the Travel Blog Exchange in Cancun this week with 500 of the best travel bloggers in the world! Chime in on the chat to gain inspiration and learn about how to get started as a travel blogger, how to grow your blog, dealing with travel burnout, find advertisers or other partners, and more!

We will be live from #TBEX so if you are attending TBEX Cancun, you’re invited to come to the Speed Networking/Expo Room (rooms B And C) where we will be having a Twitter party with breakfast and prizes!

The TBEX Effect

toronto skyline nearing dusk

Hello TBEX Friends,

As you gather this week in Cancun we hope you reflect fondly on last year’s conference in Toronto. You certainly shared your experiences here at the time: 30,000 tweets (we counted), 500+ blog posts (we counted those too).

And look what happens. People take notice. Just this week Vogue Magazine named Toronto’s West Queen West the #2 “Coolest Neighbourhood in the World.”  ( ). Many of you were there. In fact the Queen West preBEX tours were the most jam-packed and popular, from the arts to the food to the famous Graffiti Alley tour. If you missed it or just want to explore more of Toronto’s neighbourhoods, we hope to see you again soon.

In the meantime, while I can’t be with you in Cancun this week, Team Toronto is there led by Vanessa Somarriba (@vanimartina). It was a privilege to host you in Toronto last summer and we raise our glasses to the TBEX community for telling wonderful stories to and from every corner of the world.