“Where’s TBEX going to be in 2014?”


This Week in Travel records at NMX 2014

This Week in Travel records at NMX 2014 (photo by Mary Jo Manzanares)

There’s been a theme to questions and comments on the TBEX social streams lately. “Hey, where’s TBEX going to be in 2014?” “Have you guys already announced the 2014 TBEX locations yet?” And, one of my personal favorites, this one has come up several times: “Oh, you know where it’s going to be already and you’re just not telling us!

To which I say, with a heavy smirk, “If we knew, we’d be encouraging you to buy tickets.”

There is, of course, some backstory here. In the past, we’ve been able to announce upcoming TBEX conference destinations at the close of each event. It’s a bit of an Olympic passing-of-the-torch thing, when the next host gets to take the stage and invite attendees to join them in their lovely part of the world for the next TBEX. We love the reveal, and we think you love the anticipation of the announcement, too.

Unfortunately, the front-runner location for TBEX 2014 in North America was basically all ready to go – we were just about to book flights for our final site visit – when they decided they had to cancel their bid. After hearing about the bandwidth TBEXers have been using at recent conferences, they realized they didn’t think they could deliver the kind of internet support we require. That meant an 11th hour return to the drawing board – and that’s where we still are today.

We’ll be doing final site visits very soon, and we really hope we can choose a location and make our announcement by the middle of February (if not sooner). You guys have been extremely patient, and we appreciate that – we know you’re trying to plan your 2014 travels, and we would very much like to be included in your trip planning for the year. We’ll get the word out just as soon as we possibly can. To be sure you’re notified when we do announce the 2014 location, make sure you’re signed up to receive our e-newsletter (the sign-up form is on the right-hand column of the TBEX blog), you subscribe to the TBEX blog RSS feed, and you follow us on social media. Trust me – we’ll be shouting it from every available rooftop once we’ve got dates and a destination.

We also want to let you know that we’ve got solid interest from (and are in the midst of ongoing negotiations with) several destinations for 2015 and beyond, both in North America and Europe, and that we’re planning to expand to a third continent by 2015. (Oooh – intrigue! Let the speculation begin!)

And despite what Rick and Mary Jo said on the episode of This Week in Travel recorded at NMX (link when it’s been posted online), neither this year’s TBEX nor any future edition will be held in Rick’s living room.

January TBEX Travel Blogging Challenge: Food


For January, our travel blogging challenge theme is: Travel and Food.

We’re asking you to share a blog post about one of your favorite food experiences with our community. We know that for many of you, travel is all about the food experience – so we hope you’ll tell us all about it. Let us vicariously taste through your post, understanding more about the vast culinary world we live in

A platter of shrimp in Spain

You may choose to write a post specifically for this blogging challenge or use one from your archives. Please showcase only your best work.

To participate, just click on the “add your link” button at the bottom of the post – that’s all the way at the bottom of all the photos of linked up posts. Then, follow the easy steps as it walks you through the process of adding your link and a photo. In the spot where it asked for Name, please put the Name of your Post (not you’re personal name or the name of your blog). Also, the only way to have your post included in the round up is to click on the link tool, we will delete links included in the comments.

Because we have to be responsible in sharing content, there are a just few guidelines to keep things on the up and up:

  • Show us your best stuff. Sure, you might be learning and just starting to work on your craft; there’s no need to worry about that. Make sure your contribution represents the best you can do today and it’s all good. This is also a chance to learn and grow, no one is going to make fun of your progress.
  • Only one link per blog and/or blogger.
  • Links are moderated to keep off-topic and spam posts out. Please be patient, we’ll get yours approved as quickly as possible. And, of course, check back here to see links from new participants and click through to discover new content.
  • Remember the good old days when blogging was about sharing and being a good community member? This is a chance to bring back some of those values by sharing the TBEX community love with everyone participating in the TBEX travel blogging challenge. We hope you’ll click through and read these posts, comment, and share with your own communities via social media. It’s just a nice thing to do; it’s what blogging used to be about.

The theme for January 2014 is simple – sharing a blog post about travel and food.

Our February travel blogging challenge will be published on February 7th (theme:  Style).