TBEX 12 Speaker Announcement: The Art of Travel Blogging

Travel blogging is a wonderful marriage of skill, craft, and art, and we want our attendees to have a chance to sample a little of all of the components that contribute to travel blogging success.  Audio, video, photography and writing are just a few of the topics you can sample in this track:  The Art of Travel Blogging.

How to Use Mobile Photography for Travel Blogging – With all the smart phones at the ready, anyone can be a photographer.  But what’s the best way to take great mobile photos that can be incorporated into your blog.  This intermediate level session will help you learn about technique and some of the best apps to help make it easy.  Speaker:  Kirsten Alana Larrson.

Podcasting for Travelers – Podcasting is an excellent way to help build your brand, but it’s a lot easier to turn out dynamic podcast when you’re in a studio.  This beginner level session will help you learn how to podcast while on the road, and will include recommendations about tools that can make the job easier.  Speaker:  Chris Christensen.

Video – Our video session is still underdevelopment, but I’ve been eavesdropping on the ideas and it sounds very exciting.  Speakers:  Julia Dimon and a cohort soon to be announced.

Writing – The discussion of blogger vs. writer has been debated to death, and I think we all agree that good writing is important.  This session will help you identify and implement ways to improve your writing, whether your goal is to be travel blogger or the next Michener.  Speakers:  To be announced.

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TBEX12 Session Announcement: The Tools of Travel Blogging

Are you a new travel blogger trying to figure out the best blogging practices?  Are you trying to figure out all the features of Word Press?  Or maybe you have the basics, but are ready to start tackling some Word Press customization?  Or maybe you’re trying to figure out all the social media options in order to not only decide how to use them, but to also decide which are the best use of your time?

These are just a few of the topics that will be covered in the TBEX track:  The Tools of Travel Blogging.

SEO for Beginners – A beginner level session designed for travel bloggers who are new to the concept of SEO and writing for SEO.  Speaker:  Jennifer Miner.

Word Press for Beginners – From simple to set up, to plug in, to configurations, this beginner level session is great for travel bloggers trying to set up their Word Press site as well as for those who need a little refresher in some of the basics.  Speaker:  Chris Christensen.

Advanced Word Press – If you’ve mastered the basic and are now trying to create your own dynamic theme, special features, or are thinking even bigger still, this advance level session should get you thinking about all you can do.  Speaker:  Our speaker is traveling right now, but as soon as he stays put for a bit, we’ll get his bio up on the site.

How to Create a Social Media Strategy – From the management of social media, to the fine art of promotion without being slimy, to the hot trend of content curation, this intermediate level session share ideas for integrating social media tools into your marketing and brand strategy.  Speakers:  Matt Long, and a couple more great bloggers and social media pros who are currently traveling.

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