TBEX 12 Conference Video

Wondering what you missed at TBEX 12 in Keystone, Colorado?  This video from our media partner Travelllll.com will show you.


TBEX’12 – Keystone, Colorado from Travelllll.com on Vimeo.

The 4th annual Travel Bloggers Exchange conference was held this year in Keystone Colorado. With roughly 700 attendees, 22 speakers, and large quantity of wifi – it made for a pretty great weekend.

As the media partner for TBEX'12 – we put together the official conference video of everything that happened over the course of the 3 day event, as well some thoughts from both attendees and organisers of TBEX on how the conference has progressed over the last few years and where it's going next.

Filming/Production: John O'Nolan / Travelllll.com
Music: We Are The City – http://wearethecity.ca
Interviews: Gary Arndt, Deb & Dave, Kim Mance, Rick Calvert, Jaume Marin
Location: Keystone Resort & Convention Center, Colorado, USA
Special Thanks: JD Williams, Stephen May

TBEX Keynote Speaker: C.C. Chapman

We’re very excited to announce that our opening keynote speaker with be C.C. Chapman.

C.C. is a writer, speaker and passionate storyteller who creates in all mediums. He is a thought leader in the social and online media spaces and his marketing work with companies such as Coca-Cola, HBO, Warner Brothers, Snapple, Discovery Channel and American Eagle Outfitters have won rave review and awards.

His words, images and thoughts have graced the pages of Rolling Stone and The Wall Street Journal and he has appeared on Fox and CNN. He is the co-author of the best selling book Content Rules and the Founder of both Digital Dads and Passion Hit TV which recently has been sponsored by Amtrak.

Filled with a case of permanent wanderlust, C.C. loves nothing more than to visit new places with his camera. His most recent journey brought him to Ghana with the ONE Campaign to celebrate the new country wide vaccination program. He also uses his travels to write about today’s digital lifestyle on his own blog as well as Workshifting.com.

C.C.’s keynote, Amazing Things Will Happen When Your Content Rules, will serve as an enthusiastic and motivating way to start off our weekend of education and networking.

TBEX 12 Speaker Announcement: For the Tourism Professional

The list of TBEX exhibitors and attendees include a variety of industry representatives from destinations, brands, PR agencies, and other travel businesses.  Our programming includes a track just for them, with a line up of speakers that include industry professionals and bloggers.

Here’s the line up the track For the Tourism Professional:

How to Find the Best Bloggers for Your Brand – Learn how to identify the type of blogger that’s the best fit for your brand, and how to analyze the metrics the help you make that decision.  You’ll learn about identifying key demographics, influence, style, and niche, to choose bloggers that you can work with and will be proud to have represent your brand.  Speakers:  Andy Hayes.

How to Work with Bloggers:  A Brand Perspective – This is the chance to get a perspective from a major brand who is doing a lot of blogger outreach.  Hear they’re story of why they’ve made this decision, how they’re identify bloggers they want to work with, and the type of projects they determine how to find the best blogger-brand fit.  Speaker:  TBA.

Tourism Marketing:  How to Build Loyalty, Fans, and Influencers – With so many tools at their disposal, how do you decide which ones are the most effective and efficient to use?  In this session you’ll hear from several brands on how they’ve made the decision and how it’s working for them.  Speakers:  To be announced.

And one more session that we’re not quite ready to announce.

Photo credit:  via morguefile

TBEX 12 Speaker Announcement: Beyond the Blog: The Business of Travel

When you ask successful travel bloggers what has helped to make them successful, one of the things often mentioned is becoming aware of the industry – learning about the business side of travel.  Doing so has helped them create their business plan and approach in a way that makes sense to the industry, and that makes it easy to get favorable answers.

Here are the sessions and speakers for this track:  Beyond the Blog:  The Business of Travel

The Branding of YouAs bloggers begin to understand the travel industry, they’re finding increasing ways to use not only their blog, but their other skills and talents, to create a brand that other brands want to work with.  In this session you’ll learn about how to create the brand of You, and how to market it to prospective clients and partners.  Speakers:  Chris Gray Faust, Janice Waugh.

How to Work with BrandsThere are many ways that bloggers can work with brands, from the obvious to the more creatively obscure.  This session will share real life examples of how to research, plan, create, and pitch a blogger-brand partnership.  Speakers:  Gary Arndt, Dave Bouskill and Deb Corbeil.

Creating a Business with Your Blog:  In this session you’ll ways to leverage your travel blog into other opportunities, learn the importance of having a business plan, and how to be aware of trends and concepts that you can turn into success.  Speakers:  Matt Kepnes, Tracey Friley, Audrey Scott & Dan Noll.

And one more session that we’re not quite ready to announce yet.

TBEX is Headed for Spain


On September 21st and 22nd, 2012, scores of travel bloggers will be heading to Costa Brava, Spain for TBEX Europe, and we can think of nowhere better to host our European event.

Jaume Torramadé, Director of Marketing for the Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board said, “We are delighted to host TBEX in Girona, Costa Brava. I think it’s a win-win-win relationship, between TBEX, bloggers and Costa Brava. This event is another step forward in our marketing strategy. Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board will organize pre and post blog trips to the event, so bloggers can discover new experiences in the area and be inspired to post new content. We are excited to take them on an adventure they will never forget.”“We are thrilled to have the Costa Brava Tourism Board hosting TBEX Europe 2012 in Girona Spain! This is an amazing city in the heart of the

beautiful Costa Brava region of Spain. The conference will feature first class educational sessions and the one of a kind networking opportunities our community has come to expect from TBEX. But they are going to find some amazing content in Costa Brava as well,” said Rick Calvert, CEO and co-founder of BlogWorld & New Media Expo.

“Costa Brava will be a great destination for the travel blogging community and we know they will be inspired and excited by our fabulous host city,” said Calvert. “The architecture and history in Girona is incredible. With the centerpiece being the Cathedral of Saint Mary. There is the medieval city of Besalu, the breathtaking coastline of Costa Brava, the one of a kind Salvador Dali Museum and many other sights and attractions.”

We can’t wait until September.

TBEX12 Speaker Announcement: The Business of Travel Blogging

Whether you’re an old hand a travel blogging or just starting out, monetization is one of the words that on almost everyone’s lips.  For some people, monetization is the whole point of travel blogging.  For others, it’s sufficient to just make the odd dollar or two.  We don’t think there’s any one-size-fits-all approach to monetization, and we thing there’s a whole lot more to running a successful travel blogging business.

The speakers in this track will show you a variety of options to get you thinking about what’s right for you.

Here’s the Business of Travel Blogging:

Monetize Like You Mean It – These speakers make a full time living from a diversification of income streams, and they’ll talk about the tough issues facing you if you want to live full time on travel blogging and related activities.  Speakers:  Time Leffel, Beth Whitman, Max Harshorne.

Running a Successful Giveaway – Running a contest on your blog can be a great source of traffic, products, and revenue, but it’s not without it’s set of responsibilities and issues.  Learn about how to recognize the products that are right for you and your readers, find brands to partner with, and about how to stay out of trouble by doing it all right.  Speakers:  To be announced.

From Hobby to Small Business to Funding – While most of us start out as hobbyist, progressing to a small business, some of us have out sites set higher.  Learn what steps you need to take to create your media empire, implement good business practices, as you move from a small business to the possibility of venture capital funding.  Speaker:  To be announced.

And we have one more session is this track that is awaiting confirmation; we’ll be announce it and adding it to the program soon.

Photo credit:  via morguefile