Want to hike Keystone? Think down, not up

A hike on Dercum Mountain doesn’t require lungs of steel and legs like tree trunks. Take the River Run Gondola up and hike down Schoolmarm to get the most out of your stroll. Here are ten reasons to think down when planning a hike.

10. Let the gondola do the heavy lifting

Why struggle your way up to 11,640 feet? A 12-minute ride on the new River Run Gondola will do just fine.  The ride will not only give you a chance to catch your breath, it’ll also let you scope out a great trail.

9. Trail signs guide the way

Just like in the winter, trail signs are posted along the entire run, making it impossible to get lost. Take a winter trail map with you to move onto a more advanced (and steeper) blue or stick to the greens and save the knees.

8. Plan your winter adventure

Catch a glimpse behind the scenes of Keystone Resort while scoping out runs for next ski season. Investigate a steep run you will attempt to conquer, learn where the best view is, and analyze which park features you will try to master.

7. Have it all

Walking down the mountain means you won’t be too exhausted when you reach the bottom two hours later. Plan your hike just right and you may have enough time to dance to the last few songs at any number of festivals held in River Run throughout the summer.

6. Get off the beaten path

Going down a ski run means there is no hiking trail to abide by, allowing you to check out different views and wildflowers.

5. Marvel from a distance

Keystone hosts world-class mountain bikers during the summer on over a hundred miles of single-track, a pretty cool – and scary – thing to watch up close. Hiking a ski run lets you view these athletes from afar.

4. Fawn over the flora and fauna

It’s not uncommon to see a bird of prey screech and fly across the sky hiking down Schoolmarm, and it’s perfectly commonplace to see wildflowers blooming.

3. Enjoy the solitude

As Keystone is such a biking destination, hikers are typically left to themselves. The quietness of Schoolmarm means you can actually hear the sounds of nature over your own breath.

2. Views the whole way

Unlike hiking up where you have to turn around to see the vista behind you, walking down the mountain means you get a view the entire way. On Schoolmarm, you trade a magnificent scene ofLakeDillon for a glimpse of the happenings in River Run.

1. Beers at the base

Hardly anything tastes better than a microbrew after exerting yourself, even if it was just slightly. Stop into any number of restaurants and bars at the base of River Run to finish strong.

– By Morgan Bast

Top 5 ways to try the Keystone bike park

Looking for the closest thing to skiing now that the slopes are closed? Try mountain biking at Keystone. Here are five reasons why.

There are a dozen reasons skiers switch to mountain biking in the summer — the sport has the same endurance requirements, keeps your legs in shape for skiing, the adrenaline rush is very similar and you can stay at your favorite ski area all year long. Keystone ski resort has one of the best mountain bike parks in the country and if you dare to switch to the skier’s favorite summer sport, you’ll see why.

5. Bike Haul

Don’t really feel like huffing your bike up to the top of Dercum Mountain at 11,640 ft? Neither do I. The chairlift runs all summer and will take your bike up to the top for you. For $37 for one day, you get unlimited bike haul. Buy your season pass now for the 2012 season and get a discount on bike haul — $27 for one day.

4. Updated trail report

Any good skier religiously looks at the powder report in the winter, so why should it change in the summer? The good guys at the Keystone Bike Park update the Trail Report daily to let you know of new openings, new trails, and how it is out there.

3. Beginner to advanced terrain

Think biking down Keystone is a little too technical for you? Think again. Keystone has miles and miles of trails ranging from kid-friendly short rides to the Drop Zone with hits that will launch you up to 22 feet.

2. Bike rentals

Don’t let your lack of bike dissuade you from trying out the bike park. From “comfort bikes” to full-suspension downhill bikes, Keystone Sports has all the equipment you’ll need including helmets, safety pads and trail maps.

1. Twilight riding

The best way to end a ride is enjoying a beer. At the Friday Afternoon Club you can ride into twilight hours and enjoy a beer at the top ofDercumMountain while enjoying some live music. The mountain stays open to 8:00pm most Fridays and Saturdays during the summer, so don’t rush getting out to the trails.

– Morgan Bast


One Denver Activity You Don’t Want To Miss

In 1936, a Frenchman was born who would have one of the biggest impacts on fashion and design in modern day history.  His name was Yves Saint Laurent and whether or not you are into fashion, his story and the impact he had on clothing design can still be seen and felt to this day.  The Denver Art Museum is the only museum in the United States to feature 40 years of his original work in an exhibit called Yves Saint Laurent:  The Retrospective.

Yves died in 2008 but the legacy he created was one that has captured the attention of woman (and men) all around the world for decades.  He introduced some of the most provocative designs in the 60’s, the tuxedo suit for women, and was the first designer to use ethnic models in his runway shows.

I had the opportunity of seeing this exhibit first hand and it was nothing short of amazing, if not moving.  Not being a fashionista or having much background knowledge in clothing design, I was skeptical at first of how interested I would be in seeing this; but that skepticism changed dramatically as I walked through the exhibit.

The walkthrough experience includes over 200 garments, photographs, personal items, drawings, and films that illustrate his impact on fashion which melds both design and art in extremely unique ways.  The museum has done such an amazing job using lighting, themes, and displays out in wide open that you feel as if you are entering into Yves’ own private world.  You begin to escape back to the 1930’s, 40’s, and beyond and you imagine these provocative, daring designs that are so carefully thought out, being worn by the wealthy elite who could afford them.

As you walk through, the rest of the world seems to fade away and you are amazed at the tuxedo for women collection showing over forty different ways he created the tuxedo.  Then you enter a huge hallway with glass walls on each side that display Yves’ own collection of fabric swatches; he had one of every favorite color but he had two of the color blue.  When I learned this, I began to wonder if he loved blue because of his depression.

Finally, as you near the end, you enter into a room that has this massive red carpet carefully placed on a stairway with mannequins all wearing his evening gown collection.  It’s probably one of the most impacting sights of the entire exhibit.  As you leave the room, there sits a glass case with a pendant displayed. This is the very pendant that Yves would place on one gown which he deemed his favorite during his fashion shows.  It was simply amazing to be that close to the designer and a perfect way to end the exhibit.

You don’t need to be a fan of fashion or design to enjoy this show because visitors experience it in various ways.  And within the hallways of this show there are some surprises you really must see.  Even if you have no interest or have never experienced a fashion event, this is an exhibit that will remain a memory in your mind for a very long time.

Thank you to the Denver Art Museum for giving the BWE team a complimentary tour and letting us experience this spectacular exhibit.  We heartily recommend making it a stop during your pre or post-TBEX time.

Yves Saint Laurent:  The Retrospective will be on display at the Denver Art Museum March 25th – July 8th, 2012.

Visit Denver, June 14th

Denver extends a warm welcome to TBEX delegates who might be passing through the Mile High City on their way to or from the TBEX Keystone 2012 convention.

Some of the opportunities include:

Denver Media Passports

All TBEX delegates can use their printed conference tickets as a Denver Media Passport for discounted or free admission to major City attractions, including the Denver Art Museum, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, the brand new History Colorado Center, Denver Zoo, Buffalo Bill’s Grave, and many others.

Simply show your printed TBEX conference ticket at participating attractions.

Views of Denver

Denver Tours, Thursday June 14

TBEX delegates are invited on three curator-led tours of major new attractions in Denver, offered the day before the convention starts in Keystone. (The three attractions are within a block of each other. Pre-registration is required for the Yves Saint Laurent show. To register, click here).


History Colorado CenterThe new $110 million History Colorado Center is an experiential museum that makes history fun. Soar off the world’s first ski jump in Steamboat Springs; don a headlamp and descend into a mine; bump across the plains in a Model T Ford; or push a “Jules Verne-like Time Machine” over the Rockies. Whether you spend time with Chief Yellow Wolf, Kit Carson or Barney Ford, expect history like you’ve never seen, heard or experienced it before.


Clyfford Still Museum

Clyfford Still is the most famous American artist that few people have ever heard of – until now. The Clyfford Still Museum, which opened Nov. 2011, celebrates the works of this revolutionary abstract expressionist in a stunning museum devoted exclusively to his art. Some 22 cities competed for the honor of owning this collection – come see why Denver won.


Direct from shows in Paris and Madrid, Yves Saint Laurent: The Retrospective, on display through July 8, is an exhibition featuring 200 of his vintage outfits, photographs, drawings, and films that illustrate the development of Saint Laurent’s style. The Denver Art Museum is the only U.S. venue for this panorama of 40 years of haute couture creativity.
TBEX delegates are invited on three curator-led tours of major new attractions in Denver, offered the day before the convention starts in Keystone. (The three attractions are within a block of each other. Pre-registration is required for the Yves Saint Laurent show. To register, click here).

Denver After Hours, Thursday June 14

8-10 p.m.: Enjoy a microbrew tasting and appetizers as you gather with fellow TBEX delegates and conference speakers at the Wynkoop Brewing Company. Wynkoop is Denver’s largest and oldest brewpub, originally opened by Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper. Denver brews more beer per capita than any other city in the world, and is ranked as the top microbrew city in the nation by Travel + Leisure.

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The PR team from VISIT DENVER is anxious to help TBEX delegates with any individual Denver story requests. For assistance, please email our PR team.

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Images courtesy of the Denver CVB, YSL Denver/Denver Art Museum and the Clyfford Still Museum