AM Booth's Lumberyard, Huntsville

We gathered in Huntsville where music is moral law, and space … both inner and outer … is sacred. We bicycled the streets of the city, connected over craft beers, and dined on modern interpretations of delicious southern cuisine. We indulged ourselves in Huntsville’s quintessential southern charm, and quickly realized that this 199 year-old belle of the south has a history that’s as unique and captivating as the people who call it home. Yes, we descended on the Rocket City, channeled our inner ‘astronaut’ at Space Camp … and discovered that #ItIsRocketScience after all! And we found that one of the most intellectual and scientific cities in the country is teeming with artistic ingenuity that weaves through its alleys, avenues and architecture.

Saturn V Rocket, US Space & Rocket Center

We learned valuable information for mastering our preferred media and publishing platforms. We discovered proven methods for honing our craft and strengthening our brand. We gleaned advice and techniques from industry experts for capitalizing on a sound business strategy. That’s what brings bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers to TBEX, and what keeps them coming back time after time.

TBEX North America 2017, Huntsville AL

But most importantly, TBEX is about the people. People like you.

We want to hear your story about TBEX North America 2017. Whether it’s a story about the conference, the breakout sessions, a party, or what you learned that is changing how you work and grow. Whether it’s a story about someone you met, a business deal you arranged, or an idea you have for a new project. Whether it’s an experience from a pre-bex activity, a post-bex FAM trip, or whether you connected something about Huntsville to the ongoing narrative of your personal travels. Please share the content you created for #tbex and #iHeartHSV as a result of your experiences with TBEX North America 2017.

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Huntsville's Big Spring Park

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