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One Hot Conference Venue: The Corning Museum of Glass

I know what you’ve probably all been thinking: TBEX is being held at a glass museum? Really!? “Wow, I had no idea.” It’s as if that phrase echoes throughout the galleries of The Corning Museum of Glass. Visitors old and young alike seem stunned by what they discover soon after walking through the door. Whatever […]

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#TBEXIreland in Killarney

Link Round Up For TBEX Europe 2017 in Killarney, Ireland

We met for #TBEXIreland in the land of stories where iconic cliffs have been sculpted by the wild Atlantic surf crashing below. Where ancient burial sites and tumbled stone remnants of houses built thousands of years ago spin a powerful narrative of life, death, struggle, and immense courage. Where sheep instinctively wander and graze the vast […]

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TBEX North America 2017 Link Roundup

Link Round Up For TBEX North America 2017 in Huntsville, Alabama

We’ve got stories, and we’re sharing them here in the TBEX North America 2017 Link Round Up. Because we gathered in Huntsville where music is moral law, and space … both inner and outer … is sacred. We bicycled the streets of the city, connected over craft beers, and dined on modern interpretations of delicious southern cuisine. We indulged ourselves in Huntsville’s quintessential southern […]

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TBEX International 2017 Link Roundup

Link Round Up for TBEX International 2017 in Jerusalem, Israel

We’ve got stories, and we’re sharing them here in the #tbexjlm Link Round Up. Because we’e explored Jerusalem, the holiest of lands, where we walked in the footsteps of deity. We reveled in The Shuk by day, and a Spectacular like no other by night. We dined on hummus, falafel and shaksuka. We watched the sunrise over ancient city […]

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Panoply of Huntsville

First Round of Speakers for TBEX North America 2017 Announced

Please join us to welcome the final round of inspiring and award-winning speakers for TBEX North America 2017 in Huntsville, AL. Ajay Sood A Canon Photo Mentor and Photo Tour Leader, professional photographer Ajay Sood has led photo tours throughout the world. As a Photo Educator, he has conducted master classes across his homeland of India, […]

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Dave & Deb of The Planet D

Final Round of TBEX International 2017 Speakers Announced

Please join us to welcome the final round of inspiring and award-winning speakers for TBEX International 2017 in Jerusalem. Carol Cain Carol left a career in public relations to venture into the world of travel blogging in 2008. Carol’s writing has earned her awards and recognition from travel industry leaders, and her work has been featured on acclaimed online […]

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Announcing the TBEX Facebook Page Cover Photo Project

You know, I try my hardest, but I’m just not a photographer. My hand isn’t steady, I know nothing about lighting or composition, and the things I try to capture on film turn out to look lame in the finished product.  Don’t believe me? Take a look at the TBEX Facebook page and see what […]

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The Ultimate Guide to TBEX Europe 2015 in Costa Brava

If you’re joining us for TBEX Europe in Costa Brava next week, you’ll want to pack comfortable shoes and a plan for a full week of activities. There’s plenty to do, and plenty to see, and stilettos aren’t always appropriate. Read on for The Ultimate Guide to TBEX Europe 2015 in Costa Brava. Pre-Bex Activities […]

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In Memoriam: A Tribute to Wes Nations

He was Johnny Vagabond in the travel writing world. When he tells you his actual name is Wes Nations, you figure maybe he’s still pulling your leg. It was too perfect. Born James Wesley Nations on July 1, 1967, dear Wes passed away November 25, 2014, not on that long dusty road, but back in […]

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New Expedia Viewfinder Image Library: Uses for Your Blog

Acropolis, Athens Expedia.com Image Gallery Image courtesy of Tourism Media As travel bloggers, you share photos from your latest trip in a way that allows you to connect with your readers.  Images are often a large part of the story-telling process because they help share your experiences with your readers as if they were right there with […]

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