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From Hollywood to Jerusalem, TBEX International 2017’s Opening Night Party promises to be a red carpet evening you’ll long remember.

Q: What Israeli connection do Natalie Portman, Richard Gere, and Jason Isaacs have in common?

A: Each of these award winning actors have produced or filmed movies in Jerusalem.

In fact, the Cannes, Toronto, and Tokyo Film Festivals have each selected films that originated from Jerusalem. And the 2011 Israeli comedy/drama ‘Footnote‘, which was written and directed by Joseph Cedar, received an Oscar nomination for “Best Foreign Language Film” and the “Best Screenplay Award” at the Cannes Film Festival.

We live in a world of symbols. In the eyes of Israel and the international public, Jerusalem is perceived in a colorful light: a concept symbolic of religious belief, spiritualism and mysticism, as well as a symbol of political upheaval and deep rooted tensions. Oftentimes this widespread misconception causes the world to forget that Jerusalem is a modern day city in every respect – a city of culture, abundant technology, world class cuisine, and artistic innovation.

These symbolic heartbeats of Jerusalem are calling out for time and space on the big screen. Their stories must and should be told in order to broaden the world’s concept and conversation about Jerusalem.

So we’re rolling out the red carpet for the opening ceremonies at TBEX International 2017, and dedicating this evening to sharing with you, the impressive contribution of Israel and Jerusalem in the global film industry.

We cannot wait to greet you on the red carpet!

The location: Jerusalem’s Cinema City. One of the city’s newest and most magnificent venues, Cinema City is an Israeli venture by the Edri brothers who, in the 1970’s, understood the importance of bringing film and cinema to consumers. They’ve successfully realized their vision by merging elegant, luxurious theaters with a premium shopping, dining and entertainment experience.

TBEX International 2017 in Jerusalem is honored to host actor Corin Nemec, who will speak to us and share his experiences in the TV industry. Corin played the title character on Fox Television’s Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, Jonas Quinn on Stargate SG-1, and Harold Lauder in the ABC miniseries, The Stand.

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What to do on Tuesday Night of TBEX in Jerusalem? What happens when you take the holiest city in the world, Jerusalem, in the world, infuse it with thousands of years of history, surround it with fascinating architecture, add a dash of culture, sprinkled with amazing culinary delights and then top it with innovation and modernity? That’s basically the recipe for what bloggers and tourists in Jerusalem will get any time they visit. It’s the city’s secret recipe for success. It’s a combination of old and new, modern and ancient, timely and timeless. Since Jerusalem has a bit- or alot- for everyone, we decided to make one night, Tuesday night of TBEX a bit more interesting. Every TBEX participant can enjoy one of two of the following amazing Jerusalem night events. After experiencing these fascinating Jerusalem evening programs, Abraham Hostels is hosting a full-on Pub Crawl.

Chose one of the two exciting evening adventures (7:00p – 9:00p) followed by the Pub Crawl  if you would like (9:30p-?) through downtown Jerusalem.

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The city of Jerusalem often conjures mental images of political, spiritual and historical context. The city, however, is a mecca for arts exploration and evolving contemporary discourse, and is home to the Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design, one of two prominent Israeli schools providing education in fashion arts and design. And through imaginative fashion shows, designer boutiques and contemporary design, we’re announcing to the world that Jerusalem is in fact, a style and couture capital.

We can’t think of a better way to showcase Jerusalem’s fashion industry than with a TBEX International 2017 Closing Night Celebration of our city’s colorful, creative, and uniquely artistic contributions to the global design runway.

The runway for this epic event will be The Jerusalem First Station. A historic site, the First Station was originally a train station on the Jaffa – Jerusalem Railway. The depot, constructed of beautiful 19th-century templars and European architecture, has since been transformed into a cultural complex offering food, local events, and special tours. Another symbol of Jerusalem’s ongoing narrative of old and new, The First Station is a contemporary urban venue for gathering and socializing while honoring the city’s past with historical architecture and images of days gone by. And it’s the perfect location for showcasing Jerusalem’s dynamic contributions to the world of fashion.

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