Xcaret: Majestic Park by the Sea

Xcaret: Majestic Park by the Sea

Xcaret is a majestic park by the sea with unique activities where visitors have fun discovering the natural and cultural heritage of Mexico through stunning underground rivers, amazing terrestrial and aquatic wildlife, the values of its cuisine and a wide range of artistic expressions.

Swimming in any of the three underground rivers amidst crystal clear waters, is extraordinary as it allows appreciating the rock formations below the earth between flashes of natural light. Snorkeling in the inlet completes this unique experience.

Xcaret is the ideal place to appreciate the representative fauna of the rainforest, species such as: tapir, jaguar, puma, howler and spider monkeys, deer, flamingo, crocodile and turtle, among others.

It has an amazing aquarium fed on ocean currents. Visitors can appreciate marine life and how ecosystems are manifested at different depths.

Xcaret México Espectacular, with more than 300 actors on stage, is the greatest show about history and culture of our country. It is available 365 days a year. Actors, dancers and musicians deploy a magnificent work that has been appreciated by over 14 million viewers since its inception in 1995.

Here you can witness the pre-Hispanic ball game, the lighted ball game and some passages of The Popol Vuh, the Mayas sacred book.

Discovering Xcaret throughout its more than 200 acres is something incredible. Places such as the Cemetery, the Mayan Village, the Chocolate Workshop, the Butterfly Pavilion, are a must. Xcaret is a Park that captivates children, young people, adults and elderly in the same way.

Xcaret is the only company in the world with a Guinness World Record for the care of an endangered species: the Scarlet Macaw. Thanks to the success of this program the scarlet macaw has been reintroduced to the jungles of southeastern Mexico where it became extinct over 70 years ago.

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