DFDS Seaways

DFDS Seaways

DFDS Seaways

We are one of Europe’s largest ferry and overnight cruiseline operators with 9 routes across the North Sea, the English Channel and Baltic Sea.

We connect Copenhagen (DK) with Oslo (NO), Newcastle (UK) with Amsterdam (NL), Kiel (DE) with Klaipeda (LT) and many more.

Our long sea routes are overnight cruises in individual cabins with a selection of entertainment, restaurants, bars and shopping options on borad our ships.

We offer a number of mini cruises, that allows you to enjoy time together as a couple or a family, a port of call or more themed packages where you travel with us for a complete destination experience.

We welcome bloggers

We value and welcome blogs and bloggers as part of our communication.

We work with bloggers on arranged group trips or individual blogger trips and offer such a wide variety of experiences, that travel blogging is only part of it. We work with bloggers in areas such as food, culture, fashion, design, music etc.

Focus on local languages

We are an international company, but very focused on our local activities. In our 8 major European markets, we have a strong presence in the local language and value bloggers writing in their local language.

We cover many languages at TBEX

The DFDS staff you will meet at TBEX are the same people that work with bloggers and our blogs on a daily basis. We know the DFDS portfolio of products and experiences and also work with a lot of the online activities, such as social media, that DFDS is involved in.
Furthermore, most of us speak multiple languages, so if you want to talk to us in English, German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish or French – don’t be a stranger.